Thursday, May 31, 2012

You Know You've Got Great Office Staff...

...When you come back from lunch and find that your assistant is completing a tough assignment. Who wouldn't love Pepe!  

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Do You Still...

...use a travel alarm clock?

Somewhere in the far recesses of one of my dresser drawers is my travel alarm clock. But it's lost to a back corner of the drawer, just like my class ring. I am still hopeful I find my ring, but the travel alarm clock is something that is no longer part of my life, even one as cute as this one I found on pinterest. I haven't brought an alarm clock on a trip in years, generally relying on hotel wake-up calls. But this was one thing on the suggested list from the college, a list I didn't look at until we were on the train to Massachusetts. I'd never used the alarm clock on my phone, and Jane, my college roommate, had some doubts about my technical expertise and was afraid we would sleep through the entire reunion. I assured her that 1) I could learn to use the phone alarm and 2) it's a long time since I have slept soundly through anything. No surprise, I was up before 7:00 a.m. and the alarm worked just fine. Inquiring minds want to know, have you switched over to the alarm on your phone, or do you still use a travel clock?

I returned from Massachusetts to summer in New York City. My surgery is exactly two weeks from today and I had my pre-surgical testing this morning. I will be working four more days, two days this week and two days next week, and then will be going out on medical leave. My leg does hurt, but I am not sorry for delaying the surgery for the trip to Rochester, Reunion and an event in New York next week. I hated the thought of missing the first two events and I am hopeful that I will be able to attend the program next week. I find I am very tired at the end of the work day and fall asleep early. I don't get to do much blog visiting, so I am very appreciative that so many blog buddies are stopping by. Can't tell you how much I appreciate the prayers, friendship and support. 

Wishes for a sweet Thursday!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Forty Years On

I had few expectations for this reunion. All I hoped to do was have an enjoyable time and catch up with my college roommate, Jane, and our friend, Jeannie. I had a place of sadness in my heart about my college days and did not expect that it would or even could be filled. Recently I had become friendly, via email, with another classmate, Mona, who assured me that reunions were a wonderful way to relate to the college as an adult. I acknowledged her advice, but didn't think it would work for me. 

The Mount Holyoke College Art Museum

Preparing to march in the Alumnae Parade

The officers of the class of 1972 

My sadness centered around losing touch with some of my closest friends from college. I found it difficult to imagine returning to the college without my entire group of friends. Mona's advice was very clear, "Don't worry about it. You will make new friends." I doubted that people would be that friendly. I was wrong about this and Mona was completely correct. 

Our class, on the left, cheers on the class of 1947

What a warm, friendly and bright group of women! It was a wonderful weekend. I found the parade particularly moving, especially when I saw the women of the class of 1947 who had returned to campus. I so hope to be able to return to campus for my 65th reunion. We had a reception at the Art Museum, a formal dinner and ceremony in memory of our classmates who have died, a class meeting and a terrific program on the next phase of our lives. We also had warmth, laughter, concern and caring. Whatever sad feelings I had are now in the past. 

It isn't often that we have an opportunity to move so completely forward into the future, without sadness or regret. I was given that opportunity this weekend and I am profoundly grateful.  Here's to my our 45th! 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

On this Memorial Day...

...and every day, my deepest gratitude for those who serve, protect and gave their lives.

Arlington National Cemetery, April, 2010

Yes, pictures are back and just in time. I've got lots of pictures of reunion and I will share them with you tomorrow. It was a wonderful weekend, far surpassing any expectations I had. Though rain was predicted we had three sunny days, and the weather set the tone for our time together. For now I'm going to get a good night's sleep in my own bed -- the dorm beds were adequate, but not like my own bed -- and download my 100+ pictures in the morning. I hope everyone is enjoying a great weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's Almost...

Pictures! And I can't wait. 

I'm feeling better today -- thanks all for your concern and affection -- and I decided I would deal with my blog photo issue. This took all of a minute and I was so excited that I could finally post a particularly cute and long awaited photo of Pepe. However, I was thanked and told that the additional storage I needed might take up to 24 hours to become available. I contentedly mulled this issue for almost a week and now 24 hours seems like eternity.

I'm off to Massachusetts tomorrow for reunion. How can someone so young be attending her 40th college reunion? It doesn't seem possible to me, but my college roommate and I plan to be on the train together tomorrow.  We've had a great time in many phone chats planning our wardrobe, and it's a comfort to know that some things never change. I'm about to look for my college ring and hope that it can fit over some arthritic knuckle. It may just have become a pinky ring.

Wishes for a sweet Friday -- and hopes for photos soon!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

All Words Wednesday

Yes, there will be pictures again -- have to document my college reunion that's coming up this weekend -- but probably not until next week. The last week has been tough and I get home from work and I am asleep in a short while, which doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging, or much else. I put off the surgery to go to Rochester, reunion and do a few other things I want to do, but it's getting tougher, i.e., more painful to get around and I am tired when I get home. I've realized -- with some nudges from friends and colleagues -- that I can't just keep pushing and will take off some time before the surgery.

I had a great time in Rochester and I am so glad I made the trip. The graduate is the son of a high school friend who has become family and I have literally known Ben from the day he was born. I so enjoyed celebrating his accomplishments and the wonderful young man he has become. Next week he begins a cross-country bike trip. I've asked him to let us know how we can keep up with his trip and if he chooses to blog I will pass it on. Sadly there were few lilacs. They were a victim of budding early and then fell to the cold weather that followed.

Despite the difficulties right now I am definitely counting my blessings and high on the list are my blog buddies. Take good care and have a sweet Wednesday!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Off to Rochester!

Thank you all for your advice and encouragement about my photo issue. I'm leaning to just buying the storage. However, the "New Plan" is $2.99/month and that's enough to make me think I need to consider everything for a few more days. I've never used Picassa for photo storage and just keep pictures on my hard drive. I guess I just used too many photos on the blog and that's what I will be paying for. I've still got the cute picture of Pepe I want to share and may just get him his own facebook page. He would really like that, but he still be the sweet, modest monkee that we know? Would anyone like to be Pepe's friend on facebook?

Today is the long awaited weekend in Rochester and I leaving for the airport in a little while. The weather is supposed to be beautiful and the lilacs should be in season.

As always, wishes for a sweet weekend! 
(Toasting the weekend in lilac)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Help with Picassa Google

I tried to upload a cute picture of Pepe and I was told that I am out of space for my Picassa web albums account. I have tried deleting from what's shown in my Picassa web albums, but that's not making a difference. I can really use some blog buddy assistance to figure this out. Google is letting me buy extra storage, but if there is a way to delete things I would prefer to go that route. Thanks, buddies!

In the interim, I'm trying to keep calm and have a sweet lemonade.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Love -- and Comments -- Make the (Blog) World Go Round

I love visitors to Buttercupland. I'm happy for visitors who live down the block or thousands of miles away.  I'm especially intrigued when I see folks have visited Buttercupland from places that are on other continents.  In the last day I've had visitors from Romania, India, the UK, Brazil and Australia, as well as all parts of the United States and Canada. Friends, please don't be shy. I'd love to know how you found Buttercupland. Please introduce yourself and meet the sweet citizens of Buttercupland.  

Monday, May 14, 2012

Do You Still...

Use a handkerchief?

I am sure very few people will say yes to this question. I am a terrific fan of handkerchiefs and still use them from time to time. I have a nice collection, amassed over the years, and I'm not ready to part with them. Carrying a handkerchief "for dress" was a part of my growing up and a custom I still enjoy.  

Since I'm trying to use the things I own and not just keep things in drawers and closets I was delighted to find this beautiful wall display on pinterest. I've got some elegant handkerchiefs and this would be lovely in my bedroom. This could be done only framing four or six handkerchiefs. 

Source: via Carol on Pinterest

Any other handkerchief fans in Buttercupland? 

Wishes for a sweet Tuesday!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Mom and Buttercup, Winter 1951

Happy, healthy and fun Mother's Day to all the citizens of Buttercupland.  All citizens are requested to enjoy the day, keep calm and make lemonade. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

When Life Hands You Lemons...

I got the MRI results back on Monday. In addition to deterioration in my hip I have a spinal tumor. For the first few days I could barely say the words and it took me two days to be able to write them. I had an appointment with the neurosurgeon yesterday and it went very well. I liked him a lot and he comes very well recommended. Not only is he my internist's top choice, he performed surgery on a good friend a couple of months ago. The latter gave me a lot of confidence.

Dr. S is very confident -- can't be 100% sure before the tumor is biopsied -- that the tumor is benign. The surgery -- for neurosurgery -- is relatively uncomplicated and the recovery is expected to be about a month. It is also not emergency surgery and I can try and do many of the things I have planned for the next few weeks. I will still be able to go to the graduation in Rochester next week and my 40th college reunion in two weeks. I'll just be walking a lot slower than usual.  

Continuing the lemonade theme...

When Life Hands You Lemons...

Source: via Mindy on Pinterest

I am asking for your prayers and the prayers from any prayer groups you belong to, friends, family and blog buddies. If you send on salt and tequila, they too, will be gratefully received.

My wish for this weekend, Keep Calm and Make Lemonade!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Pinterest Lemonfest

Whether it's served in a fancy crystal service...

or a plastic cup...

There are few greater pleasures on a summer day than sitting on a porch with friends and drinking lemonade. The only thing better is drinking lemonade and eating these fabulous lemonade cupcakes. Lemon heaven!

Wishing you many hours of sipping lemonade and a very sweet Friday!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pepe Wants an iPad

Play ball, Pepe

I spent a great day with the Teacherfishes on Sunday. We walked along Orchard Beach in the Bronx and had dinner in City Island, and we enjoyed lots of good conversation. Mrs. Teacherfish asked about Pepe and hoped to hear more about him. I hadn't realized it, but Pepe has gotten a following. He's still the same level-headed, modest monkee and hasn't let his popularity turn his head. But this modest baseball playing fellow has a dream. He read about the orangutans at Miami's Jungle Island and now he wants an iPad. How can I tell this sweet little guy that iPads are just not in the Buttercupland budget right now?

I was so taken with this article. An obscure fact about Buttercup is that I love orangutans. So much so that one of my most exotic vacations was a visit to Borneo and the opportunity to observe orangutans. It was a long way to go, but a fabulous experience. Is anyone else an orangutan fan?

Sweet wishes for Thursday!  

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We're Celebrating National Salad Month

I've just discovered that May is National Salad Month. It's also National Hamburger Month and National Barbecue Month. But since it's almost shorts and bathing suit month, I'm going to celebrate salad today. I'm a salad fan, especially when it's an interesting mix. I found this delicious looking broccoli salad and it's so tempting that I think I've also found dinner for tomorrow. Inquiring minds want to know. If you were picking your favorite salad, what would you choose?

Wishes for a sweet Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Breakfast with the Crew

If you've ever wondered what movie crews eat for breakfast, here's the answer. During my commute to work yesterday I passed by the set of ""The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"," with Ben Stiller. I didn't get to meet Mr. Stiller, but it pepped up my day. The filming continues in my neighborhood this evening, so I am hoping for more fun pictures. This is a remake of the 1947 film that starred Danny Kaye.

I hope you have a surprise that peps up your day!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Afternoon with Renoir

I spent yesterday afternoon at the beautiful Renoir Exhibition at the Frick Collection. It was a small, but exquisite collection of nine Renoir paintings, from around the world. I wish all of you could have been with me. Both the exhibition and the permanent collection were extraordinary. New Yorkers, there is one more week to see the Renoirs. If anyone is thinking of visiting New York, the Frick is definitely worth a visit.

This was once the home of Henry Clay Frick. The art, furniture and decorative pieces and the building are a great visit. 

I'm off for some blog buddy fun. Hope you are all having a sweet Sunday!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Pinterest Lemonfest

I love all things lemon. So much so that during my college years I actually ate lemon slices, minus the rind. I stopped that when I realized lemon slices can take the enamel off my teeth, but no, they weren't too sour for me. I am now going to make a confession, for which I hope I don't lose any blog buddies. If given the choice I would choose a lemon bar over a brownie.  I know that for many people this is heresy. I like chocolate, but I love lemon. And speaking of lemon bars, don't these look yummy?

Is anyone else a lemon fan?

I had my MRI today and the test itself went well. As ever I am so grateful for your prayers and good wishes.  Excited about a big museum day tomorrow. You know there will be pictures!

Wishes for a sweet weekend!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May!

Who are our May birthdays in Buttercupland?

I love May. Winter is definitely over in New York City and the weather is usually warm and sunny. The humidity is yet to come and on a warm and dry night like tonight, it's difficult to imagine that in six weeks I may be standing on the a subway platform "glowing" in sweat.

Two  quick updates...No Spending April was less than a success. Although I don't count paying for activities  in my spending equation, paying a second time for my trip to Rochester went against my goal of thoughtful spending. I learned a valuable lesson, but it was expensive. My other purchase was $70.00 for my new phone. It's not a luxury, but it definitely wasn't planned. I still have to purchase my summer t-shirts, black capris and a pair of shoes. I have a budget of $150. set aside and have started shoe shopping. 

My second update is about my decluttering. I aimed at discarding 100 things and only achieved 71 in April. I do have more space in my front closet and made real headway on two dresser drawers. I also have 15 less books on my shelves. My goals for May are to continue the 100 things project -- and to add the 29 from April, where I fell short of 100. Included in this were at least a dozen pens that no longer wrote. I can't imagine why I didn't do this sooner, but it feels great to know that every pen I pick up actually writes. 

Wishes for a very merry month of May!