Sunday, July 24, 2016

Wedding Weekend in Connecticut

I could title this post "You can take the girl out of New England, but you can't take New England out of the girl." But in the interest of not having the longest blog post title ever I am going with something a little simpler.

This has been -- despite the heat -- the loveliest, sweetest weekend celebrating the wedding of my dear friend's daughter. The fetes are a delight -- rehearsal dinner, "girls' brunch, cocktail hour -- and the company is a treat. Yes, I'm here for a wedding celebration, but I'm so enjoying my vacation at the beach in Connecticut.

We're in Old Saybrook, and both land and seascapes are beautiful. There will be more pictures and posts to come, including a Wedding Wednesday bridal post.

As ever, thanks for visiting. Keep cool and enjoy the weekend.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

It's TLC (Book Tour) Tuesday

Like so many things in CyberLand I have no idea how I discovered the Facebook group for TLC Book Tours, but happily I did. I stayed at the edges at first, adding a comment from time to time. But in the last month I've become more active and am so enjoying it. There are book giveaways, reviews and a wonderful group of readers. 

TLC Book Tours arranges virtual book tours for authors, which are among my favorite blog events. I spent time this afternoon looking at the website and found a number of books I'd like to read. I know it's going to be a favorite stop for book browsing.

I'd like to share two new posts at Coffee Light and Mysteries (Mostly) Noir, I found some great mysteries that take place on Mackinac Island, including Heart of Ice. I've almost finished it and am enjoying it very much. Great characters, a good mystery and a return trip to Mackinac.

During a trip to the bookstore last week I also discovered Francine Mathews' Death in the Off-Season, which takes place on Nantucket Island. Nantucket is near the top of my to-visit list. Unfortunately a visit there isn't on the schedule, but happily, I can get to Nantucket via reading. I'm looking forward to reading this -- with thanks to James Taylor -- and going to Nantucket in my mind.

What's on your summer reading list?
I spent a quiet day today, but I got to the gym, paid bills and had a nice walk along Broadway. Tomorrow's treat is a manicure. My poor cuticles will be very grateful.
As ever, thanks for visiting and keep cool! 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Up a (Not So) Lazy River Pink Saturday

For this week's Pink Saturday fun I'm sharing photographs from last week's birthday fun. I spent Tuesday in Tarrytown with my dear friend Sandy. We worked together for years and retired a month apart. Retirement agrees with both us, but unfortunately we don't get to spend much time together. Our time together is very sweet and our visit included a wonderful walk along the Hudson River in Tarrytown. In the far distance there is a lighthouse.

The park is new, and with the bridge and foliage, I was reminded of Monet's garden at Giverny. We were there on a Tuesday afternoon and we had the park to ourselves. I'm sure the weekends are more crowded.

The Tappan Zee Bridge is in the distance and there is a lovely marina here.  
The towns along the river are among my favorite places to visit. This was the first of my birthday celebrations on the Hudson and both were very special. I'll be sharing my visit to Irvington later this week.
As ever, thanks for visiting. Take good care. Keep cool and have a wonderful week!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Let's Have Another Cup of Coffee (and a Sweet Treat)

I realized I've been remiss in my coffee posts when a friend asks "Aren't you writing about coffee anymore?" I've been remiss, my friends. I suspect, like many bloggers, I've got a number of half-written posts, photographs ready for posts and vague ideas for posts. I had the photographs ready from my visit last week to  Chelsea Market and Ninth Street Espresso, and I'm happy to share them.
During my April search for the best coffee in New York I was able to visit most of the places that I'd researched, but Ninth Street Espresso eluded me. I paid a visit last Sunday and I wasn't disappointed. My iced coffee was delicious, strong but not bitter. Because of the line -- Chelsea Market was crowded even at 10:30 AM -- I wasn't able to ask about the origin of the coffee beans. But I highly enjoyed my coffee and will be making a return visit.

Chelsea Market has a fabulous collection of food stalls/stores/restaurants and I was especially interested in Seed + Mill, a store which specializes in artisanal sesame seed products. Is this a niche, possibly a niche within a niche? Absolutely! But if you're a devotee of halvah, the Middle Eastern sweet, this is a find and a treasure. It also has some of the nicest staff anywhere in New York City.

I love halvah. It's a tahini -- sesame butter paste -- and sugar sweet that made fresh is indescribably good. Generally all that's available tastes like it's been made sometime in the last decade. But not at Seed + Mill. Since I've cut down on sugar halvah has been off my menu, but I noted the presence of sugar-free pistachio halvah. What a treat. It was rich and sweet and probably the best halvah I've ever had or ever hope to have. I also had a tiny sample of the ginger halvah and implore Seed + Mill to figure out a sugar-free version of that flavor, too.  

I couldn't ask more from a morning out. Great iced coffee and one of my favorite sweets, along with fine people watching. 

I waited for the bus at this spot, just below the High Line, and had a very enjoyable bus ride home.
Tomorrow's plan -- besides my daily walk, a little grocery shopping and my Pink Saturday post -- is seeing the remake of "Ghostbusters." I'm a fan of the original and I'm eager to see this version. Plus, few things beat an air-conditioned movie theater on a hot summer day.
As ever, thanks for visiting and keep cool!


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Monkey Monday Goes to the Baseball Game

Pepe's first ride on the Staten Island Ferry. He was one happy monkee!

Pepe and I are both baseball fans. To celebrate our mutual birthdays I planned a trip to Staten Island to see the Staten Island Yankees play. Pepe was wearing his Yankees uniform -- Build a Bear Workshop has a complete array of monkey-sized sports uniforms  -- and I had my Yankees shirt. Alas, no selfies of me in my navy blue.

I did have concerns about carrying around a stuffed monkey in a baseball uniform, but being New York no one gave us a second look. Not that Pepe would have cared. He was engrossed in the game. I turned my tote bag into a monkey booster seat and he had a great view of the action.

We had a foggy night that ended in a rainstorm. The view from the stadium is a great one, with Manhattan in the distance, but the fog, and then the light rain, obscured it.

The theme of the evening was "Star Wars," and a lot of the activity staff was in Star Wars dress. Princess Leia and a Wookiee are waiting for an inter-inning event and even the team Mascot, Scooter the Holy Cow, had a black cape to join the festivity.

The game was really fun and it's always a treat when your team wins. 

"Stand beside her and guide her, through the night with the light from above."
We rode the ferry back to Manhattan after the game. I've ridden the ferry many times, but the view never gets old. I hoped for a clear night and pictures of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline. The skyline was totally hidden in fog and this was the best photograph I got of the Statue of Liberty. Initially I was disappointed, but I love the light behind the Lady in the Harbor. This phrase from "G'd Bless America" came into my mind the moment I saw the picture.  
Somehow it is the middle of July. How this summer is flying by. Just ten days from now I will be traveling to Connecticut for the wedding of my childhood friend's daughter. I've had a long checklist and now I'm down to the final items. Dress has been altered, hair appointment is made, transportation is arranged. Next stop -- joy, laughter and a few tears of happiness. And yes, there will be pictures.
As ever, thanks for visiting and take good care!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mackinaw Island Pink Saturday

Time for a some pretty in Pink Saturday fun. This may -- or may not be the last of the Mackinac Island photographs. For a two day visit I took a lot of pictures and I still have a few post ideas. Happily I was there in peony season and the island looked beautiful. These first three photographs are my Pink Saturday inspiration.


I also found this fabulous pink refrigerator in one of the gift shops I visited. It's too big for my kitchen or I would have been looking for a way to ship it back to New York, via horse drawn carriage to the ferry to a van. It would have been quite a project. 

I loved this pink merry-go-round pony at the Pink Pony, restaurant and store. 

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. The high point of the weekend was a trip to Staten Island to see the Yankees farm team, the Staten Island Yankees play. I had a great time and have some wonderful pictures I will be sharing in a post this week.

As ever, thanks for visiting and wishes for a peaceful week ahead. Take good care!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me!


In just about two hours I will be sixty-six. I am amazed by the number. I don't feel whatever I once thought sixty-six would feel like. Yes, my right hip gets stiff and I have more scars than I ever thought I would have. I don't hear as well as I once did, but those are all relatively minor issues. I'm sitting in my air-conditioned apartment, typing and eating blueberries. I'm looking forward to travels, holidays, weddings and my 45th college reunion next May. The scale definitely tips in the balance of all that is good and fortunate. 
I know people visit Buttercupland -- another thing for which I am profoundly grateful -- for a fun, happy, upbeat time. I am pleased that for the last seven years and over 1600 posts, Buttercupland has been a friendly place to visit. I'm not going to change that in this post, but if I had one birthday wish I'd like the world to be a less contentious and more decent place. I'd like more talking and less screaming, and a lot, lot less violence. Despite all that is happening all over the world, or maybe because of it, Buttercupland will remain an upbeat place.  We need more places where everyone is welcome and we are kind to each other. In seven years there has been only one negative comment. Would that the rest of the world were able to say that.
The birthday donut above is from one of my favorite eateries, Glazed and Infused, in Chicago. My sixty-fifth year has been a year of much less sugar and very few donuts. But I am thinking of researching donuts in New York City and treating myself to one in the next week. Turning sixty-six definitely deserves one little sweet treat.
I would be remiss not to thank all of your for your friendship. My blog friends have become a very important part of my life and without all of you there would be no Buttercupland. Lots of love and thanks!