Thursday, May 26, 2016

Red Nose Day 2016 in Buttercupland

 Pepe and his buddy, Ricky, are all set for Red Nose Day 2016.

Last year Pepe was a little testy about not having an official red nose. I had been remiss and neglected to buy a red nose in a timely fashion. I knew not to make that mistake this year. Sadly, the red nose didn't fit Pepe well -- or me -- but Ricky was able to wear it. Red Nose Day began in Britain and has now come to the United States. It's a day of fundraising and awareness to make a difference in the lives of children in need. The Buttercupland group is happy to be part of the day.   
Today is my catching up day. My apartment needs a good straightening, laundry is in the works, there are packages to wrap and I've got lots of blogging visits to catch up with. I also want to participate in a live webcast with Nika Maples tonight. What's going on in your world?
 Pepe and Ricky join me in thanking you for visiting and wish you a terrific Thursday.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

TurnStyle Pink Saturday

For this week's Pink Saturday fun we're going to the subway. We're not riding the subway, but we're going to a new shopping area that opened last month at the 59th Street Station. Twenty years ago I worked in a building right above this station and I've spent a lot of time here. We're going to follow the arrows...

...through the station to the exit closest to West 57th Street.

And we arrive at TurnStyle, the just one month old underground food hall. I get off at this stop often and I know I'm going to have fun exploring all the little food shops. I first stopped by last Monday on the way to my eye doctor -- just two blocks away -- and didn't have time for coffee, but I'm thinking a some research on the best coffee in TurnStyle is in order. 

There are a number of other branches of Fika, a Swedish coffee chain, in New York City, but this one looks especially inviting.

If I decide to take a hiatus from pastry abstinence, I'm coming here to Doughnuttery. Yes, I love the name, but the little doughnuts were enticing, too. I spent some time watching the custom dipping that takes place in the store, pictured below. 

It just happens that tomorrow morning I'm due to return to the same station and will be exiting via TurnStyle for a trip to the allergist. I'm not a morning person, so I don't anticipate stopping on my way to my appointment, but I might take the subway on the way home in order to start my coffee sampling.

Here's to a week of coffee, doughnuts, books and fun! As ever, thanks for visiting and take good care.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

It's Not All Coffee and Books Random Five Friday

After last month's coffee revel and this month's book expo, I feel that the title for this blog could easily be Coffee, Books and Me. Actually I like that a lot and if I ever merge Coffee Light and Mysteries Noir with Buttercupland, that may be my new title. But this week held more than coffee and books and it's my theme for a return to Random 5 Friday blogging.

1) Finally at the end of this week spring returned to New York City. If it wasn't for Lincoln Center in the background, I could be in the country. But it's actually a living screen for the parking garage ramp at Lincoln Center.

Yesterday did include coffee and books, but it also included a trip to the gym, the bank and the post office. I took the subway to one of my favorite places, Columbus Circle and 59th Street for my errands and enjoyed a perfect spring day.

2) I got to see the musical Shuffle Along, and enjoyed every minute of it. It included three of my favorite Broadway actors, Audra McDonald -- who enchanted me in Carousel over twenty years ago -- Billy Porter and Brian Stokes Mitchell. If you're a fan of musicals and looking for terrific talent do a search for their music and you won't be disappointed.

3) In a totally different musical direction I came across Underground Horns in the Times Square subway station last night, and yes, the people in the picture are dancing in the subway. I wasn't sure how to describe the music, but their website calls it "Afro-funk, New Orleans brass," and it was great. I stood in the subway station for several numbers enjoying the music, the people and the fun.  

4) The week had to include coffee. Every week includes coffee, but I am sad to report this isn't happy coffee news. O Is for Oren's Daily Roast is closing its Broadway branch. Much regret from this coffee drinker. I will look for the other locations when I'm traveling around New York.   

5) The week also had to include books. I finished Graham Swift's Mothering Sunday -- a short book, but not slight in any way -- and began reading my copy of Jay McInerney's, Bright, Precious Days, which is due out in August. I loved his first book, Bright Lights, Big City and this one looks equally good.  

It was a busier week than I remembered. I have made headway on sorting out my books from Chicago, as well as putting my summer clothes in order. I now firmly believe that summer will arrive.

As ever, thanks for visiting, and joining the book and coffee revels. Take care and have a great weekend.   

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Once Again, Sidetracked by Books

Today was the perfect spring day I've been waiting for, but it was also the day my two boxes of books shipped from Chicago arrived in my apartment. They arrived in the building last night, but in the interest of having a spine, I left them in the lobby until I could get help bringing them upstairs. I remembered a lot of the books that I shipped, but some were total surprises. There were three that I didn't think I had gotten copies of and regretted it. But lo and behold, they were waiting for me in the boxes. One of them is the book on the top right,  The Woman in Cabin 10, by Ruth Ware. I read her earlier thriller, In a Dark, Dark Wood and liked it and hoped to read this one, too. I think it might make a good summer thriller giveaway. If you liked Girl on a Train, this might be one for you.

I started unpacking, sorting, reading jacket copy and thinking about which books would be fun for summer blog giveaways and got totally sidetracked. I didn't get out for a walk and a little grocery shopping until after three, well past my usual time to get out of the house. I was dressed much, much earlier in the day.

This is the content of the two boxes, which, if I read everything it could be a very busy reading year. I know I won't get to everything and there were several books I thought would be great for giveaways here. There are two romance novels published Shadow Mountain that caught my attention. I am especially intrigued by Forever and Forever by Josi S. Kilpack. It's the story of Henry Longfellow and Fanny Appleton's courtship and as a fan of Longfellow I think it should be great reading.

 Romance, general fiction and inspirational -- what would be your choice(s) for this summer's reading? The romances I have aren't too spicy -- not that I am necessarily against spicy -- but I went with less spicy and what I think, will still be fun reading. I am thinking of a giveaway each month of the summer, beginning the first week in June. This is definitely a reading summer.

Tomorrow I'm back on track and have to make it to the gym. We're getting new equipment and it isn't quite ready, so my routine has been off. But this isn't the time to slack on my gym visits and I am committed to a return to schedule.

As ever, thanks for visiting and take good care. Happy weekend wishes and happy reading! 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

BookExpo America Pink Saturday

Our Pink Saturday fun this week is literally pink! My photographs all include the color pink and are all from my visit to Chicago. I was on the lookout for pink at BookExpo America to share with you.

I found these two cuties at the Storey Publishing booth. They were examples from the book, Crochet Taxidermy. I'm not particularly crafty, but for the many citizens of Buttercupland who are, these would be fun to make and to display.  

Though the only pink here is a little bit in the label, I thought these cookies were too cute to omit from this post. I broke my pastry abstinence and enjoyed a delicious sugar cookie.  

I had the good fortune to meet a number of authors at BookExpo America, including YA author Laini Taylor. I don't generally read a lot of Young Adult fantasy, but her new novel -- which she is signing for me -- Strange the Dreamer -- looks great and I will definitely be reading it. I love her pink hair and it looks so terrific on her. Though I've been thinking about a fun hair color, I'm not sure I'd look as good as Laini does. 

My plan for Saturday morning in Chicago was to spend the time walking and enjoying the sights. Good plan, but the weather was less than cooperative. The temperature was in the forties and I was not dressed to do a lot of walking in practically winter weather. I took refuge in Nordstrom's where I found this cute t-shirt. Yes, I dream of ice cream, waking and sleeping!

I'll be back later this week with posts about my adventures at BookExpo. I'm still sorting through my pictures and editing them. As ever, thanks for visiting and have a great week! 

Friday, May 13, 2016

So Many Books, So Little Time, So Much Fun

BookExpoAmerica 2016 is over and my mind is a whirl of books, authors, publishers and the many people I had the good fortune to meet. There will be at least three posts to come, but this post is a (very) quick overview of the last three days.

This is the scene that greeted me at McCormick Place on Wednesday afternoon. I spent the morning on my quest for the best coffee in Chicago. After some confusion with the BookExpo Shuttle -- my confusion, otherwise it was great and so easy -- it was time for BookExpo to begin. I checked off a number of events I wanted to attend and there were authors I hoped to meet. Happily I got to many of these events, but some of my most enjoyable moments were unplanned.

This is a view of the Expo floor. It looks very empty, but that wasn't the reality. There was a lot going on.

This is a more typical scene. There were long lines for book giveaways for popular authors -- I think this is for Jodi Picoult's next book -- which I avoided. Some of the lines started well before the time the book signings started. I had amazing luck with two of my favorite authors and waited no more than five minutes for each. Pictures for those moments will be in a later post.

This may be my favorite picture from the Expo. I got to meet North Pole Ninja, whose book is coming out in the fall. Few words, but so sweet.

I fly back to New York tomorrow afternoon. I've got a coffee tasting in the morning -- and a fabulous looking doughnut to sample, too -- and if the weather stays sunny, a walk to the Art Institute, one of my favorite museums.

So many books, so little time and lots of fun! As ever, thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

In Search of the Best Coffee in Chicago

I'm off for a very quick trip to Chicago for BookExpo America. I anticipate spending ninety nine per cent of my time at the Expo at McCormick Place but anticipate a few early mornings that aren't scheduled. During those times I am in search of enlarging my Best Coffee search. Is anyone who's familiar with Chicago have a suggestion for a place to do some coffee sampling? I've done a Google search, but most of the places listed don't look close to the area where I will be staying near the Drake Hotel.

I'm almost packed and I'm going lightly, with just a small carry on. After having my luggage wander between North and South America on my last trip, there's no bag checking for me this time. I hope to blog every night about my experiences at BookExpo.

Thanks for visiting and have a terrific Tuesday.