Friday, August 1, 2014


One of the things blogging has taught me is the value of Twitter. I started a Twitter account over five years ago and for four of those years rarely used it. But last summer at BlogHer13 a number of the sponsors asked for tweets in order to enter contests. I was definitely green, but I began to catch on. In the fall I did an assignment for Collective Bias. One part of the project was to tweet about the product for fifteen days. I wasn't especially adept, but I had a wonderful project manager who gave me a lot of assistance. After those fifteen days I was off and running.

Last week I had a concern about my flight to San Jose and turned to Twitter for an answer, something that wouldn't occurred to me a year earlier. The Jet Blue folks got right back to me with a response and we exchanged a number of messages. One of my messages commended the agent who had been very helpful to me. On my return trip I used Twitter to commend the gate agent and when I got home I wrote about the crew on the plane to New York. It was quick and easy -- never more than 140 characters -- and I was able to do something grateful right away. So often my good intentions to send an email of thanks simply don't get done. But tweeting a quick thanks was different.

The world is a sad place these days on so many fronts. Besides the big international issues, there are the myriad issues that touch friends and family. I'd love to fix all of it, but that's beyond my limited ability. But I realized I can say thank you, and say it publicly. I liked the idea so well that I'm going to tweet a thank you every day for the next year, using the hashtag #oneaDayThanks. I can say thank you for a kind act, a brave deed, friendship or good customer service and let the world know that I am appreciative. I did two tweets today and expect that I will find many reasons to say thank you in the next year. I hope to use #oneaDayThanks often. Please come and join me. Gratitude is only a tweet away.

On a Foodie Friday note, I'm grateful for wonderful local produce. I've been loving peaches from New Jersey sold at the local fruit store. I also liked these beautiful cucumbers also from New Jersey.

Yes, the price is real. That's what happens when you live on an island and everything is shipped in. 

As always, thanks so much for visiting. It would be a lonely blog without all of my Buttercup buddies. Take care and have a great weekend.  

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Who Wears Short Shorts?

I found myself in Midtown Manhattan in the heart of the business district going to the dentist this morning. It was before eight o'clock and not particularly hot, but I noticed a few women wearing shorts, not necessarily short shorts, but shorts. In a sort of stream of consciousness way I realized I couldn't remember the last time I wore shorts. Maybe last summer visiting friends who live on the St. Lawrence River, a shorts wearing environment. I'm not especially formal at all, but shorts seem -- for me -- a little casual in Midtown Manhattan. The advent of the cropped pants, a little longer and more covered up, have replaced shorts in my wardrobe. It was a transformation that I hadn't even noticed, but it happened. Has anyone else shed shorts from their wardrobe?

  Not my wardrobe anymore

Another item that I have bid farewell to is the sleeveless shirt. I am not a fashion blogger and this is not a Glamour "dos and don'ts" -- remember them? -- but I don't feel comfortable exposing my arms for all the world to see. I'm a sleeves girl. 

But I'm also upbeat and I don't want to do a post that might only be percieved as critical. In the same wildly popular store -- people were waiting at the doors for the store to open this morning -- I found some very cute things that I do like and could be added to my wardrobe. 

The raincoat especially caught my eye and I like the big sweaters. I'm not sure if they're my colors, but I thought the grey would look good with my black jeans and they were the right price.

"Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts!"

This song has been buzzing through my head all day. I couldn't have told you the year it was recorded or the group that recorded it, but luckily there's Google. It was recorded by The Royal Teens in 1957. "Short Shorts" became a #3 hit in 1958 and lives today in the brains of baby boomers. 

It's farewell to July and on to August. I've got a new project I'm debuting tomorrow. Please stop by and join me for #oneaDayThanks. It previews tomorrow. 

As ever, thanks for visiting and take very good care.  

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Are We in the Last Days of Blogging?

In a long ago and hazy past I made my living typing. I wasn't an especially fast typist, but I was accurate and it really did give me a foot in the door when jobs were tough to get. One skill I did possess was changing typewriter ribbons. I could change a ribbon -- black and red type -- in two minutes and not get a smudge on my hands. It was one of my best skills and it served me well. Little did I dream that someday that wouldn't be a skill and there would be few typewriters in existence outside of museums.

I was reminded of my obsolete skill during my reflections about BlogHer. Though I wrote about the fun aspects, the weekend wasn't just dance parties and delicious snacks. There was a lot of tech discussion and at a number of points the topic turned to the future of blogging. Actually, the topic wasn't the future of blogging, but the lack of a future for blogging. The question that was posed was "Is blogging dead?"

Blogging is alive and well in Buttercupland, but even in the small universe of my blog buddies I see some dimming of the stars. A number of my blog buddies are Facebook friends, too, and that's fortunate, because many of them have stopped blogging. Several weeks ago we had a great chat on Facebook -- not on a blog -- about keeping up both a blog and Facebook. For some people it's even more complex if Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are added to the mix. It's easy to run out of steam and interest when there's so much going on in the social media realm.

I keep blogging because I like it. I like the feeling of sitting down with a blank computer screen and ending up with a post. It's not so different from the days when I changed typewriter ribbons for a living and loved sitting down with a blank piece of paper and seeing the page become filled with my thoughts. Why do you keep blogging? Inquiring minds want to know.

I'm getting back into the home schedule. I started physical therapy this morning for a stiff shoulder and later went to the bank and drugstore. I also bought two summer shirts marked way, way down because in Retail Land summer is over. Considering the forecast for tomorrow is 82 degrees I think I'll get some use out of them. They're both hot pink, my other favorite color next to turquoise.

As ever, thanks for visiting and take good care!   

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Take Your Family to Sonic Giveaway

I was all set to do a post called, "Back to Real Life." But as soon as I wrote the title on the little pad at the side of my computer I realized I didn't want to go back to real life, at least not yet. I want to stay in my BlogHer14 cocoon, enjoying a hotel and clean towels I don't have to wash. Real life will be here soon enough -- Thursday morning at my dental appointment -- but for a little while longer let's stay in BlogHer land.

One of the sponsors at BlogHer14 was Sonic, the place to get some of the most fun food in America. There aren't any Sonic stops in New York City and I had never had a Sonic Slush until last week. It was a tough choice, but I went with the Cotton Candy. I liked it a lot, and it was fun and refreshing. I'm sorry that I didn't try the green apple, too, and that I forgot to ask for Nerds candy in my slush. I did discover that there are Sonics in New Jersey and I may need to make a trip across the river very soon to get the Green Apple or the maybe the grape Slush. It's a tough decision.

Thanks to my new buddy, Madison, at Sonic, I am able to share BlogHer and Slushes with four bloggers. I am giving away four sets of four coupons for medium Slushes at Sonic. Yes, four times four! Treat your husband, your kids, your grandkids, friends and bloggers to Slushes.

Leave a comment with your favorite Slush flavor, and please be a citizen of Buttercupland on Google+, Bloglovin or Google Reader. It's quick and easy and you may be one of the lucky four to win a family night at Sonic and wouldn't that be fun! Please make sure I have a way to reach you, either on your blog or an email address. The giveaway starts now and closes next Wednesday, August 6. I will announce the winners on Thursday, August 7.  

Back to real life...and I'm off to the grocery.

As always, thanks for visiting and take good care.  

Monday, July 28, 2014

Turquoise is the New Black and Other Lessons I Learned at #BlogHer14

As I was packing up yesterday morning -- Was it only yesterday morning? -- I made a list of things I learned during my 48-hours at BlogHer14. Between my day in San Jose, the red-eye flight that has me spinning time zones and coming home I have misplaced the list. But I don't need a list for the things that really stand out. In no particular order...

1a) Black has been my wardrobe basic forever, and it will probably stay my wardrobe basic. But in a lighter moment of shopping I bought a turquoise shirt and brought it to BlogHer. It's not quite my new black, but I really like it. I also have turquoise toes, which have been fun, too. Seeing myself in a bright color has opened up a new world of looking at color and not simply turning to black. I'm also wearing white pants with my turquoise shirt, however unseen in this picture. I haven't worn white pants since Lyndon Johnson was President and I was surprised at how much fun it was to be in fun and light colors.

1b) Also on the topic of clothes...I thought I packed light, but I came home with three outfits that weren't worn. Of course the trip was cut short by a day, but once again, I overpacked.

2a) I love a dancing evening, even if I'm not dancing a lot. I don't think I'll be going to clubs very much -- at all! -- but the party with Rev Run was so much fun. I'm sparing you the photograph -- a selfie -- where my hair is flying in a hundred directions and my glasses are tilted. I look like I've had way too much sangria.

2b) My arms are too short to take a good selfie. I may be permanently retiring from selfies after this #Selfiebration.

3) I loved meeting people I'd only seen on television. David Tutera was an especial favorite. He couldn't have been nicer and was even cuter in person than on TV.

Enjoyed hearing from Arianna Huffington, too. She is on the right, autographing her new book.  

4) I like meeting people, but that's no surprise. I met some great bloggers and definitely have made a new friend. 

5) I haven't taken a red eye -- overnight -- flight in over twenty years and now I remember why.

Regrets? I'll quote Frank Sinatra here. "I've got a few, but then again too few to mention." Except for one...

In 2011I met Scrubby, the mascot of Scrubbing Bubbles, one of my favorite products. I was so excited to learn that S.C. Johnson, the company that makes Scrubbing Bubbles would be at BlogHer14 and I could get to see Scrubby again. Alas, Scrubby had another commitment and that was a disappointment. The Scrubbling Bubbles folks were so nice, but I did miss seeing my pal, Scrubby. 

Is it any surprise I lost my heart to Scrubby in 2011.

But I found a new sweet someone, my buddy, PediaCare Bear. 

There were moments during the weekend where I questioned why I was there. The travel was rough this year and expensive and I wasn't sure it was all worth it. On reflection, it was worth it and then some. I got great advice, whether it was about sunscreen, thanks to Merz Aesthetics, one of the sponsors or about blogging, San Jose or any one of a number of topics. I made a friend and a hundred memories. And I've got a few fun giveaways to share with some of my favorite people, the citizens of Buttercupland. 

6) Here's to BlogHer15, wherever we may be!

As ever thanks for visiting. Take care and have a terrific Tuesday. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Call Me Cinderella

Last night I was at one of the best parties I've ever gone to. I heard the music as I walked down the street and the party place looked enchanted. Rev. Run, of Run-DMC was the DJ and the music was terrific.
Today I spent exploring downtown San Jose. I was walking down the same street, but now it was a sunny late morning. The second picture was the site of my enchanted party. Yes, a parking lot. I know how Cinderella felt the morning after the ball.

I've got a flight in a few hours and here's hoping I'm back in New York tomorrow morning.
It's been a great weekend Thanks, San Jose and thanks, #BlogHer14.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Having a Great Time...

...wish you were here!

I had forgotten all that gets packed into one day at BlogHer, and yesterday was no exception. I heard the comedian Tig Notaro, went to a champagne reception and thanks to one of our sponsors, Canadian Lentils, had a room service cupcake delivery. What a sweet surprise. 

There were fun times in the Sponsor Exhibition Hall, too. I met and chatted with Denise Boutte at the Hairfinity booth, who couldn't have been nicer. I had my first Sonic Slushie -- Cotton candy -- and chatted about several giveaways to come. 

But by far my favorite part was meeting wonderful bloggers from all over the country. St. Louis, Los Angeles, Portland and San Jose were just a few of the places where my new buddies live. 

Today there are presentations by Arianna Huffington and Kerry Washington. There will be more time in the Exhibition Hall and I plan to attend two sessions that look interesting, including an afternoon with other baby boomer bloggers. There will be cupcakes and there will be tweets. But the best part will be continuing to spend time with blogger buddies and the discovery of a kindred spirit or two.

Meeting Denise Boutte, who is as nice as she is beautiful.

As ever, thanks for visiting and take good care. Lots of hugs from your BlogHer correspondent.