Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Night and Day

Actually the difference in the first two photos is only about an hour, but the difference in the amount of light is literally night and day. I woke up around 6:30 this morning and first thing I looked out the window to see the snow. There wasn't much, which surprised me. I decided I needed to go outside and see for myself close up and donned my blanket of a down coat, hat, boots and gloves, This was the scene.

   I thought I was looking at a foot of snow, but learned it was closer to six inches. I was happy and surprised to see I wasn't looking at a blizzard. The snow had pretty much stopped by this time. Please note not a car is moving on this usually very busy street.
Since I was awake and there was no blizzard I made my way around the corner for my synagogue's morning prayer service at 7:30. There was no mass transit in New York City until 9:00 am this morning and there was concern that there would not be the needed ten people for the service. Members of the congregation members received an email asking for those who lived close by to attend. We had a great turnout and I realized how much I enjoyed the daily morning service. I had planned to attend more often when I retired, but I haven't gone very often. This was the perfect reminder that it's a great way to begin the day. It's a short service and after 8:00 I walked up to this scene on Broadway.

It's difficult to look at this picture and realize it's Broadway, which is usually filled with cars, buses and trucks. Most of the sidewalks had been shoveled and it was easy to get around. I enjoyed the quiet and snowy beauty of the streets. A lot of stores were closed -- workers couldn't get to them -- but my favorite bagel store was open and busy. There was coffee brewing and hot bagels and I enjoyed my visit there a lot.

Blogger is acting up again and it's being very difficult with photographs. I was able to enlarge the first picture, but not the two other pictures. I'm not sure what's going on. Is anyone else having issues with Blogger?

Tomorrow I return to a regular January day. I've got a stop at the drugstore, Weight Watchers and the gym. I'm not eager for my Weight Watchers weigh-in. I've been mostly indoors for the last two days and have done more cooking and more eating.

It's time for reading and a cup of tea. Perfect for a snowy winter evening. As always thanks for visiting and keep cozy!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Snowy, Snowy Sunlit Sunday

Though we're in the midst of a bona fide blizzard, Juno, yesterday was a beautiful sunny day. Knowing that today wouldn't encourage walking I indulged heartily yesterday, including walking by Central Park. There was still snow from Saturday's snowfall and the Park was lovely, perfect for Sunlit Sunday.

 This is my version...

...and this is Google's color version.
I had a 9:00 a.m. appointment this morning and it was snowing very lightly when I walked to the subway. It still was snowing lightly after my appointment when I got off the bus near my house. I called my friend Betsy and we had a coffee get-together and then made a last minute foray for more pre-blizzard food supplies. As of this afternoon I had enough yogurt to last until March, lots of vegetables and cans of soup. I am out of diet Coke, my one major snack indulgence, but I'm supplied with half and half and coffee for tomorrow morning.
This is the supermarket closest to my apartment. The lines to checkout go back into the aisles, a sign of Blizzard 2015 food hysteria.
I hear the salt spreaders outside, but otherwise it still just looks like any other snowstorm. From the infinite weather coverage it seems that the worst of the storm will occur after midnight. Rest assured, I will be snapping pictures -- from the comfort of my building lobby -- and will share them on the blog tomorrow. 
As always, thanks for visiting. If you're in the path of the storm, stay safe and cozy. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Come to the Grow Your Blog Party

If the weather forecasts are right New York City and the Northeast are looking forward to at least a foot of snow. The word "blizzard" is being tossed around, but I'm hoping that we won't see that much snow. I'm not a fan of snow and wind and cold weather, so I'm going to a party instead of worrying about the snow. Won't you join me for the Grow Your Blog Party,  hosted by Vicki at 2 Bags Full. The party is a wonderful opportunity to meet new bloggers and make friends throughout BlogLand.

If you're a long-time blog buddy, some of this is old hat, but for anyone stopping by for the first time, let me introduce myself. I started blogging six years ago, never thinking I would enjoy my time in BlogLand as much as I have. I'm a recent -- eighteen months ago -- retiree from a government agency and love living in New York City. I also love enjoying all that the city has to offer, and sharing my adventures in Buttercupland.

  I like exploring museums, including the American Museum of Natural History, pictured above. 
I like reading about, writing about and trying the wide and delicious array of foods in New York City.

I enjoy seeing movies, including "Selma," one of my favorites of 2014.
I'm a reader, a traveler -- always like to have a trip to look forward to -- and a coffee drinker.

I'm especially happy exploring New York, spending time with friends and family and taking lots and lots of photographs. One of my favorite pastimes is meeting new blog friends. I am so grateful for the wonderful people who have come into my life. 
It wouldn't be a party without a giveaway and one visitor will be receiving a book, title to be announced. Just leave a comment and let me know what you're reading now or what's your favorite kind of book to read. Do you like historical novels, mysteries, romances or maybe, biography? I'm a fan of mysteries and have found some of my favorites set in the Middle Ages and Tudor periods. I'll announce a winner on Monday, February 2 for a Groundhog Day surprise.
As always, thanks for stopping by to visit. Take care and keep cozy!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pink Saturday Mammogram Reminder

Real life has been getting in the way of blogging, but it's all good real life.  One of the real life events was my mammogram. I have to be honest. I skipped a time (or two) and I got a talking-to from my doctor in December. I knew I needed to get caught up and made an appointment for the first available date in January.

When I arrived on Thursday morning I filled out my forms with this bright pink pen. There were lots of pens available, but my eye went to my favorite color. I'm happy to say my test was fine and much less arduous than I remember. I'm just about caught up with my medical tests and I made a promise to myself not to let this one be so long overdue.  Usually my Pink Saturday posts are a lot more fun, but I think this is too important to forget. If you, too, are putting this off, please let this be a reminder to make your appointment on Monday.

What else in real life has been going on? I've been to the gym three times and checked in at Weight Watchers. My book club met on Wednesday and we had a great time catching up and chatting about "All the Light We Cannot See." I think it's my favorite book for 2014 and definitely worth reading. It's a great read and includes some of the most beautiful writing I've come across in a long time.

I'm inside on this snowy day, though there's a lot less snow than predicted. I'm catching up on computer time and enjoying coffee and the New York Times. It's cozy inside and I'm liking this quiet day very much.

As always thanks for visiting and take good care!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fortune Teller Monkey Monday (Plus Twelve Hours)

I had high hopes of posting these cute fortune teller monkeys last night when I got home from Florida. But my flight was delayed for two hours and my computer was doing an upgrade. The fates were against my posting, but I had good fortune for the rest of my travel. I arrived in relatively warm weather -- none of the ice storm that I missed still lingered -- and there were lots of cabs at the airport.

I was entranced by these adorable little seers at one of the airport gift stores. They were a little pricy for an impulse purchase, and I was happy to settle for pictures. They are fortune tellers. When their hand is pressed you can ask a question and you get an answer when you press their little foot. Note the question mark on the right feet.

I had two posts prepared on my phone while I was away, but neither would publish. I'm not sure what the problem was and I think figuring it out may be beyond my technical skills. Happily I can post the old-fashioned way from my computer. I'll be able to share pictures in the next day and I've got lots of them, especially of our trip to Fairchild Tropical Garden. It was spectacular, a word I don't use often, but deserving of this excursion. As a preview of a coming post...

It's tough bundling up in layers after the wonderful (and warm) weather in Florida. Yes, there was a little rain and a time or two of overcast, but it was lovely and I especially enjoyed not wearing boots, gloves and a heavy coat. I wish I could have shipped some of it north and boxed it up and brought it back with me. I'm back in wintercoatland and it's time to head for the gym and then the grocery. Real life calls!

As always, thanks for visiting and keep cozy.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Where in the World is Buttercup?

It's warm and sunny and I don't need a hat, gloves or even a coat. I was overdressed in black jeans and socks and sneakers today and it felt fabulous. 

If you guessed Florida, you guessed correctly. I've left the cold of New York for a long weekend with friends of long, long standing -- elementary and high school. It's a girls' getaway, thanks to Sue who lives in Florida. We've got a spa day, shopping and a fun brunch on the agenda. There will also be talking, laughing and lots of new memories. And yes, there will be pictures. Because of a change in my flight I spent the afternoon reading by the pool of a Palm Beach hotel and I loved my time relaxing in one of the lounge chairs in the first picture. What a fabulous treat! 

As always, thanks for visiting and take good care.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Now We Are Six...Buttercupland Blogaversary and Giveaway

Last summer there was an exhibition of children's literature at the New York Public Library. I took lots of pictures and planned to do a post about it. But other things came up and the post didn't get written. But I saved the pictures and to celebrate the sixth blogaversary of Buttercupland I am featuring my friends from Pooh Corner and the wonderful poem, Now We Are Six.

 A.A. Milne celebrates being six with the thought, "But now I am six I'm as clever as clever. So I think I will be six forever and ever." I don't feel especially clever, but I do feel very good for six years of blogging. Six years! On a cold day in January 2009 I didn't dream the wonderful things that would come with blogging and I won't begin to predict the next six years -- at least! Many thanks to the fabulous friends around the world who have enriched my life more than I can describe. It's been a great six years, and I raise a toast to the years to come.

We can't have a celebration without presents and I'm doing a giveaway. It's not the usual, but rather a year of six -- for six years of blogging -- surprises. Six times in 2015 I'm going to send a surprise. It may be a holiday card or candy or a book or some other treat that catches my eye. Just leave a comment with an idea for a surprise and you're in the giveaway. You don't even have to be a friend of Buttercupland, but don't you want to!  

More than ever, thanks for visiting and take very good care!