Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Grand Central to the North Pole

We're leaving Grand Central Station via the 18th Annual Holiday Train Show.

Grand Central Station isn't just a train station, it's a whole world. My optician is there, one of my favorite eating spots is there and the New York Transit Museum's Grand Central Gallery is the home of the Annual Holiday Train Show. If you're a model train fan -- and I am -- or even if you're kind of a Scrooge about model trains, this exhibition may just win your heart. 

There are New York City landmarks, there are cozy corners of the city and there are places to visit that exist only in our dreams. This wonderful show has them all. 

 This is a (mythical) cozy corner of New York on what may be the East River. Love the detail.

I doubt this cabin exists anywhere in the five boroughs, but we 
can definitely travel there on the Polar Express. All aboard!

The holiday greenery at Grand Central Station.
The station looks deceptively calm in this picture. 

I'm enjoying a quiet afternoon at home. Blogging, sipping coffee with amaretto creamer and figuring out my calendar for the next week. What's your schedule?

As ever, thanks for visiting and keep cozy!



looks like a lovely exhibit. i loved trains as a little girl. my dad set up a little set that ran under our xmas tree. this one you saw, must have brought wonderment to everyone's eyes. it's spectacular.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Wow, this is amazing! My favorite is the gorgeous first picture. I had no idea about Grand Central, I thought it was only a huge train station. Wish I could go and walk through it.

Mevely317 said...

My hubby would be beside himself at that exhibit! Amazing, the realism.
I've just finished making our 2020 calendar; hard to wrap my mind around that number!

Laurel Wood said...

Amazing! Thank you for the pictures. Wishing you a very nice day. xoxo

Chatty Crone said...

That is awesome. I have been to The Grand Central Station - for myself - and it was a world of it's own. Love, sandie

LC said...

Thanks for the Visit to one of New York's famous landmarks. And your at-home day sounds wonderful. Wishing you joy this season.

Theresa said...

My Nieces just returned from visiting your beautiful city. They go every year and one day I am going too. I remember Grand Central Station from my visit years ago. My schedule is busy for the next few days, we will rest when we can:) Have a blessed weekend dear friend, HUGS!