Thursday, October 31, 2019

Spooky Time Is Here...

In our lobby...

...and down the block!

I didn't see as many buildings decorated for Halloween this year, but my neighbors on the next block didn't disappoint. The welcome for trick or treaters was ghouls and ghosts and bright red lights. It was spooky, even in daylight. I didn't go out tonight to get the full effect, but I bet it was even scarier. 

Apparitions, spectres and a giant spider in a tree!

At the foot of the spider tree!

My goal for tomorrow is to resist the half priced candy when I stop in the drugstore to pick up a prescription. I'm 90% optimistic that I can do it. I know we're heading into the sweet treat time of year and I want to be able to wear the same clothes in January as I can today. So far, I've had one mini Mr. Goodbar, and I'm claiming that as a success for Halloween indulging. 

It's a quick trot to Thanksgiving and then in a blink it's Chanukah -- beginning December 22 -- and Christmas. As is traditional in Buttercupland, Christmas posts will begin after Thanksgiving. There will be lots of pictures of  lights and decorations, not to worry! They just won't be posted before Thanksgiving. November posts include book reviews, an update on my eye health, autumn in Maine and a giveaway, plus a few surprises.   

It's bye bye to October and welcome to November and a big thanks as ever, for visiting. Take care and see you in November. 

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Good News on the Homefront

Trick or treat!

I returned home from Maine, the site of my autumn adventure, on Sunday to find my building's lobby decorated for Halloween, which was definitely a treat. The other treat warmed not only my heart, but made my apartment cozy. We're  making headway on our gas line issues. While I was in Maine the gas service for the building's boiler was restored and it returned to normal operations. That was a wonderful welcome home present.

I'm still cooking with my array of home appliances, but there's been progress in the restoration of gas service for cooking. I may be overly optimistic, but I believe that I may be baking by Christmas. Of course, paperwork moves slowly, but I'm going to hope that the aroma of baking cookies will be my treat for January, 2020.

 My autumn adventure was my college class mini-reunion in Portland, Maine. Thanks to classmates that live in the area, we were treated to a fabulous weekend. I'm going to do a separate post, but wanted to share one of my favorite pictures of the Damariscotta River, about an hour north of Portland. One of our activities was a boat ride on the river and the opportunity to learn about oyster farming there. It was fascinating and the scenery was spectacular. It was a crisp and sunny New England morning and I loved settling in with a cozy throw and a cup of great coffee and enjoying the views.

     Blue skies smiling at me!

Back to my regularly scheduled programming in Manhattan. Lots of walking, Yoga and water aerobics. We've got a new teacher, so alas no aqua kickboxing this week. I do want to see if I can locate classes at another Y in Manhattan, but I'm giving myself a week or two just to get back into my regular routine. I love going away, but when I get back I need a week to become reaccustomed to my usual life. Do you need time to get back on track or do you hit the ground running after being away?

As ever, thanks for visiting. Take care and have a great Sunday! 

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Autumn Adventure

It's been a busy week with out of town company and lots of gadding about New York City. I leave in just a little while for an autumn adventure. I hope there will be lots of bright colored leaves and you know there will be pictures!

Have a terrific Thursday and a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Buttercup, Aqua Kickboxer

Not my locker, but it's an inspiration for exercise time.

I'm going to share a secret. Obviously sharing a secret on social media is virtually telling the universe, but I'm happy to share with hundreds of my closest blog friends. I've wanted to take up
Kickboxing. Yes, the sweet and sedate Buttercup has a kickboxing fantasy. For practical reasons, kickboxing, a combination of karate mixed with boxing is not the best exercise choice for me. I'm not quick and I worry about falling and adding another broken bone to my catalogue of broken bones. I just look longingly at the notices at the Y for kickboxing and continue with Yoga and swimming.

But yesterday, my fantasy came true and I loved it. As part of my water aerobics for seniors with arthritis our new instructor introduced aqua kickboxing to our curriculum, and it was more fun than I had imagined. I didn't have to worry about falling and I could go at my own pace. The time flew by as I jabbed left and right and upper cut in the pool. When our class was over I was surprised how quickly the time had flown. It's not part of the regular water aerobics classes at our Y, but I'm going to search for it at the other Manhattan Y branches. It's not often that a dream comes true and surpasses the fantasy. Just call me, Buttercup, Aqua Kickboxer.

The gym locker, pictured above,  belongs to my friend, Susan. I am in awe of her organizational skills and storage ideas for a teeny-tiny locker. She's used easy and inexpensive gadgets to keep everything organized. I've been carting my things back and forth, but seeing how neat Susan's locker looks I may be signing up for one, too.

Autumn has finally arrived in New York City and I've happily made the transition to long sleeves, fresh apples and a jacket. No complaints from me. I'm enjoying the crispness in the air and the busier fall schedule. Have you found your schedules getting busier?

As ever, thanks for visiting and happy fall wishes!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

The Lady and the Highwayman

If you've ever fantasized about living two different lives in the same lifetime, step right up and read The Lady and the Highwayman, by Sarah M. Eden. Please meet Miss Elizabeth Black. By day Miss Black is the proper headmistress of a girls' school and the writer of "silver-fork" novels. The silver-fork novels were written by and for upper-class Victorian ladies. However Elizabeth Black's "other life" is that of Mr. King and a writer of "Penny Dreadfuls," filled with super-heroes and adventure and whose audience is working class men. Mr. King aka Miss Black is quite successful in this genre, and has found a perfect way to liven up her very conventional life.

All's well until Fletcher Walker asks Miss Black for her assistance finding the elusive Mr. King. Mr. King's success threatens Walker's income and status as the most successful author of Penny Dreadfuls in the 1830s. Miss King agrees, in the interest of keeping her secret. Adventure and yes, romance follow.

This was a fun and very enjoyable read. It gave a fresh background and characters for a Victorian historical romance. Elizabeth Black/Mr. King was an engaging and interesting character and it truly answered the question of living two lives in one lifetime. 

Life in New York has turned to autumn -- yay finally -- and it felt great to wear a jacket today. I've got no regrets about saying good-bye the shorts and t-shirts. Summer definitely overstayed its welcome.

Rosh Hashanah was lovely. The two days of services were moving and the holiday meals were delicious and festive. My friend Ilene cooked an amazing chicken dish and I'm hoping the recipe is forthcoming. I promise to share it with you.

As ever, thanks for visiting and wishes for a great week!

 Please note: I was given a copy of the Lady and the Highwayman by Shadow Mountain Publishing for review, but the opinions are all mine.