Saturday, August 26, 2017

Pink Saturday Goes Back to School

Growing up, one of my favorite activities was back to school shopping. Even though I preferred dresses with crinoline petticoats and my mother leaned strongly to shirtwaist dresses and cotton slips, I enjoyed the ritual of shopping for school clothes every August. Even though I didn't especially want to return to school and it would be too hot to wear any of my new purchases it was one of my favorite activities. Now that I'm retired my wardrobe is composed mostly of yoga pants and jeans, but I still like looking at the fall clothes. I don't buy a lot of clothes these days and I don't miss shopping, but I like looking at clothes. I was buying new towels last week and somehow I drifted into the clothing section.  

I love these cardigan sweaters and this picture is perfect for Pink Saturday. I like all of the colors, but I'm most drawn to the ruby/cranberry one on the right. I'm not sure that I need it and I'm going to think about before I buy a sweater that may end up sitting forlorn in a drawer.
I think this is an elegant look, but a little too elegant for my casual look. Yes. it's almost always dress-down day on my calendar. 

But I did do a little end of the season shopping. Bathing suits were advertised as reduced 90%. This top was only reduced 82%, but that still made it very reasonably priced. It fits, it somewhat flatters and the price was definitely right. Sold! I also bought the yoga pants -- my new wardrobe staple -- also at 80% reduction. I've never bought expensive yoga pants, being unsure if I would stick with it. But I'm back to classes after my broken shoulder hiatus and I'm getting to class twice a week. This year my fancy new yoga pants are my back to school/welcome to autumn shopping. Quite a change from the pleated skirts and cable sweaters of my school years. Do you buy new clothes at the start of a new season? What does your wardrobe look like now?

Back to school clothes, Halloween cards in the stores and apples at the market -- autumn is almost here. I'm still savoring summer and I'm glad I got to use my new bathing suit at the beach last weekend.

My prayers to all in Texas and the Gulf region. Stay safe and as dry as you can. Harvey, it's time for you to go way, way out to sea and fast!

As ever, thanks for visiting and take good care.


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