Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ancient Persia in the Morning...

...and Antarctica tonight. It's not time travel, just multiple posts in the same day. 

We fly through centuries and across miles.
Stars in the Sky by Harriet Goren

This morning we're celebrating Purim, a Jewish holiday which began last night and concludes at sundown this evening. It commemorates the saving of the Jewish people from destruction and it is a happy, lively and festive holiday.

I owe the beautiful illustration above to my very talented friend, Harriet Goren of Goren Judaica. Harriet is a superbly talented graphic designer. I've had the pleasure of enjoying her lovely and thoughtful design in many publications of our congregation. She has a unique way of combining biblical verses and graphics. Looking through her website is a treat and a calm oasis.

It's also a lot of fun. Besides prints to own and give as gifts there are terrific onesies for the new baby in your life.
Wishing all of Buttercupland a happy, lively and festive day. Please stop by tonight for a trip across centuries and space to the timeless wonder of Antarctica.

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