Monday, February 9, 2015

Beach Blanket Monkey Monday and a Giveaway Followup

Pepe and Opus were so excited about being part of Monkey Monday last week that they asked if they could share their latest adventure with their friends in Buttercupland. While Opus likes the winter, it's getting to Pepe. He was longing for a trip to the beach, and a banana margarita. The margarita will have to wait for a trip to the grocery, but we improvised on the beach trip. The dynamic duo is lounging next to their own version of a pool, the kitchen sink. They kept away from the apples and pears that are cooking on the stove and they had a happy time. It's not quite the beach and the wash cloth isn't quite a beach blanket, but those of us in chilly climes are improvising and making our own fun.

The more the merrier on Monkey Monday.  These two cuties are here to join the Valentine celebration.
Last month Buttercupland celebrated its sixth blogaversary, and I posted a celebration giveaway. Nineteen very nice bloggers responded with comments, and I just couldn't pick one person for six surprises. Instead all nineteen bloggers will be getting surprises. It may be a card, a trinket from my travels, a book or a box of candy. I have some addresses, but will be reaching out in the next little while get all the addresses of everyone who left comments. I wouldn't have a blog without the sweet bloggers whom I've met. Again, and always, many thanks and lots of hugs!
This has been a quiet at-home day. I cooked, caught up on bills and scheduled a couple of medical appointments, and took Pepe to the beach. Tomorrow it's back to the gym and a trip to the post office.
As always, thanks for visiting. New England friends and family, be safe and everyone, take care.  
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