Thursday, February 12, 2015

Foodie Thursday: A Valentine's Day Sweet Treat

When I was in college one of my favorite breakfasts was toast with cinnamon sugar butter. It's one of my all time favorite comfort foods and just the memory of warm toast with the aroma of cinnamon makes me feel happy. It was the perfect food to fortify me to trudge across campus for morning classes in the New England winter. 

The years passed and I no longer trudge across campus, and the plates of butter mixed with cinnamon and sugar became a distant memory -- until this week. The very nice folks at Bearitos asked me if I would like to try their new limited edition Bearito Pita Chips. There are two fabulous flavors, Fair Trade Cocoa and Cinnamon Sugar. Yes, bloggy buddies, cinnamon sugar is back in my life, and it's delicious.

It's a great snack, non GMO and filling, and both flavors would be great for a Valentine treat. I do like candy, but I'm working on cutting down my candy consumption and this works so well for me. I'm thinking of getting my favorite low-fat cream cheese -- mixed with yogurt -- and adding a little cherry jam for a dip. 
I made a trip to Whole Foods -- the only place to find these limited edition pita chips -- yesterday and found this treasure trove. 

Both are great flavors, and I am leaning to Cinnamon Sugar for my Valentine special snack. But I know there are lots of cocoa fans in Buttercupland, too. Which flavor would you choose? Cocoa or Cinnamon and Sugar?

Happy to report the sun is shining in New York city today. I'm catching up on home things this morning and looking forward to a coffee get-together a little later today. I hope there's sunshine in your day, too.

As always, thanks for visiting and take good care.

Please note: I received the product in order to sample, but the opinions are all mine. 
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