Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ballerina Pink Saturday

The Apthorp Cleaners probably has the best windows in the neighborhood. They decorate their windows with tableaux done with Barbie dolls. They always have lots of pink in the décor and I stop every time as I walk by and take pictures. The most recent window featured the Impressionist painter Edgar Degas painting one of his famous paintings of ballerinas. Alas, you can see the snow reflected in the window, but nonetheless these ballerinas make a pretty in Pink Saturday

The previous scene was this fabulous pink ribbon fashion show. The attendees are so elegantly dressed and the tables are perfectly set. 

Today was downright balmy, reaching thirty-eight degrees and there was even sun. I let myself dream of spring for just a few minutes, especially when I saw these pretty in pink spring clothes in a store window. Lincoln Center is in the reflection and yes, there's still some snow on the ground. I actually own a similar pink cardigan as well as pink slacks, but I think the check dress could have a place in my closet.

I hope you're having a pretty in pink Saturday, too. Thanks for visiting and take good care.
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