Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Is It an Earthquake of Merely a Shock...

...Or is what I feel the real mccoy?" 

Greetings from Stinkweed, Buttercup's alter ego. The mini-real mccoy of  the earthquake and a power blackout in Buttercup's workplace this morning has completely tired out Buttercup. She hadn't gotten over the moment of realizing that her desk chair was moving from side-to-side yesterday when the power went out at the office this morning. It came back in just a few minutes, but not before shorting out the phone system, which sent the call center (a big part of Buttercup's work world) and Buttercup into a tizzy.  It's been quite a forty-eight hours for our sweet little yellow flower and Buttercup still needs to do the album of the wedding pictures and a little shopping in anticipation of Hurricane Irene's possible arrival over the weekend. Buttercup's thoughts before she lapsed into sleep were "Out to sea, Irene, out to sea."  

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