Monday, August 22, 2011

Buttercup Goes to a Wedding...

...and what a wonderful wedding!

Crossing Lake Champlain, from New York to Vermont

The long awaited weekend finally arrived and last Thursday I traveled with K and Jess to Tom and Julia's wedding. Tom is K's son and Jess' brother and one of my favorite people in the world and Julia is his lovely and charming bride. K and I had a wonderful visit with them in  Montana last year, just before Tom and Julia went on an adventure, literally traveling the world. They are people who make their dreams come true, and the wedding was the loveliest country dream wedding I can imagine.

On Friday night family and friends celebrated with a dinner and music in the bride's parents backyard. Great food, fun toasts and music by the groom and friends. 
The view to the mountains of Vermont

 On the most idyllic New England afternoon Tom and Julia were married. 

The bridesmaids were all lovely, but Jess looked especially beautiful. 

Sweet flower girl

Lovely Julia and her father

One of Tom and Julia's plans was to have a great band and they did. The music was fabulous and it was a dancing party, the likes of which I've never experienced and may never again. 


I will long remember this evening. It was a moment of love, laughter and being part of the celebration of friends that I have known for over forty years. It was a joy to see two wonderful young people joining their lives. This idyllic New England evening and all the joy, laughter and hugs are high on my list of blessings. Thanks, K, Jess, Julia and Tom and here's to a million more happy times!

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