Thursday, January 18, 2018

It's My Blogaversary and I'll Party -- Because Why Not?

Buttercupland is nine years and a week old and it's time for a party. This is the same fun animal celebration that I posted at the first blogaversary. I'd like to think that things have grown a little more sophisticated through the years, but I also enjoy that Buttercupland is a place where we all can have fun together.

On my first blogaversary I wrote:

And my blogging goal for keep blogging, even when I come home at night and I'm tired and not very inspired. To be a good friend to my blog friends around the world and to keep my focus on all that is good and positive and joyful. Here's to 2010 and all the friendship and wonder and surprises that are yet to be discovered.  And now let's party!

And on my second blogaversary I added:
The paragraph above is from my post on January 11, 2010, exactly a year ago. I had no idea about all the friendship and wonder and surprises that were to be discovered in Buttercupland in 2010. I certainly had no idea of the joy I would be given. An immense and deeply felt thank you to my friends in Blogland. You have all given so much to my life and it is difficult to imagine the last year without any of you. And now let's party!

When I read both of these past blog quotes there's not a word I'd change. Nine years since my first post I still offer an immense and deeply felt thank you. And, once again, let's party.
I'm doing a blogaversary giveaway -- what's a party without favors! -- and I'll choose a surprise in Australia. Just leave a comment and be a Google+, Bloglovin or Google friend and I'll randomly pick one winner when I get back in February. 
As ever, thanks for visiting and thanks for being part of the fun!
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