Saturday, November 28, 2015

Fifth Avenue Pink Saturday

We're returning to Fifth Avenue for some big, beautiful Pink Saturday fun. The decorations of the season are up and I'm starting with the Fifth Avenue windows of Bergdorf Goodman. Their windows were among my very favorite last year and I began my photo journey here this year. I wasn't disappointed. The colors, lights and design will be hard to match.

I don't usually choose a favorite window, but this one may be my favorite of the group. I especially like the sparkle and the colors.  
I love the colors in this window, and the reflections of Fifth Avenue.
I'm in awe of the theme -- turning the idea of gems into these amazing window displays.
This spoke to me of the Roaring Twenties and a party to be long remembered.
This window on West 58th Street  doesn't have quite the sparkle of the Fifth Avenue windows, but the color is still spectacular.
This window is more subdued -- relatively speaking -- but I liked the reflection and the greenery at the entrance to the store.
Dear Bergdorf Goodman, I can't begin to thank your brilliant designers for the gift they've given New York City. I don't shop at your store very often at all, but I love your windows and I'm grateful for the joy you've provided.
I've got a long list of places to visit this season. I'm hoping for easy traveling around the city, as we're going way off Fifth Avenue for our adventures. But I'm also enjoying walking around my neighborhood on the Upper West Side and enjoying the aroma of the tree stands and the local windows. 
Thanksgiving dinner was great, both the food and company. Yesterday was a walking-in-the-neighborhood day and tonight I'm meeting a friend for dinner. I've spent time organizing my card list and trying to get errands done before things get really hectic. If anyone would like to exchange cards -- there are some with New York photographs -- please leave me your email in the comments and I will follow up.  
As ever thanks for visiting. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, and know I am grateful for all of you. 
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