Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I'm Making a List and I'm Only Checking It Once

I went through my November "list" this afternoon. It's the running list of errands/accomplishments I hoped/needed to get done last month. I was glad to see all the things that I had crossed off and noted the many I need to carry into December. My December list looks endless. Like most Decembers -- like most months -- I know lots of things won't get done and the ambitions of December 1, today, will fade into mist by January 1.

The tree stand around the corner...

But this year I realize that checking off every item on my list really doesn't matter. There will be things that get in the way of my list. Some will be good things, like last minute invitations to spend time with friends and less good things like unexpected storms or an upset stomach. Real life intrudes on the best planned list and a good number of things won't matter so much as I look back on this season.

This elf is busily at work at a Midtown store.

The items at the top of the list don't even need to be written down. I do plan to celebrate Chanukah and Christmas with friends. I plan to dress Pepe the Monkee in his holly jolly outfit and set out my snowman and snow globe collection. I plan to enjoy the sights and lights of this season in New York City. I'm hoping that these plans, large and small, will keep the light of hope in my heart, no matter how dark the days may be. After all, it doesn't matter to me -- or to the (not very) naughty and (very) nice on my list how the presents are wrapped or whether the cards arrive after Christmas. The things that matter can't be bought on Cyber Monday and as much as I'd like, the things I want for gifts are not for sale anywhere. 

I'm not going to share a photo of my scribble scrabble list, but instead here are pictures I've taken around New York in the last week.

So enjoyed this display of New York ornaments in a local store. 
DearDear friends, savor the season! Catch the rays of light and hold them in your heart.
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