Sunday, October 11, 2015

What's It All About, Kohlrabi Pink Saturday

I've still got Michael Caine on the brain, hence the source of my title. But I've also got fall vegetables on my brain. One more thing I need to add to my list of things I like about this season are the vegetables of autumn. I'm joining my Pink Saturday buddies for a kohlrabi and friends Pink Saturday.

I've already starting roasting Brussel sprouts, but I'm looking at these beauties of the season, especially leeks, fennel and the green bulbs in the center of the picture, kohlrabi.  Kohlrabi was a part of my mother's garden in Connecticut, and she used it raw in salads. I've never explored any other ways of using it, but the link above suggests steaming, roasting, soup and fritters. I'm a big fan of roasted veggies and that's probably the first way I will prepare it. I also saw a recipe for "fried" kohlrabi -- kind of like French fries -- somewhere in my internet wandering and will look for that again. I've been off fries for awhile and I'd like a healthier alternative I can turn to occasionally. Does anyone have a kohlrabi recipe they like? All ideas gratefully received.

I've also been exploring spicy peppers to add a little snap to my cooking. I bought thirty cents worth of jalapeno peppers and prepped them in about seven minutes. I've used them in cooking twice this week and what a treat to have fresh pepper ready to go in my refrigerator. I'm getting ready to branch out with some of the other peppers.

My local fruit and vegetable (and more) market. I find it so easy to get carried away and buy a lot more than I can reasonably eat in one week.
Blissfully, we're still in the glory days of autumn and I'm loving it. Sixty degree plus weather, blue skies and it's still light into the early evenings. I'm enjoying a quiet Sunday, catching up with NY Times, blogging and my iced coffee.
As ever thanks for visiting and wishes for a sweet week!


Terra said...

Like you I adore kohlrabi raw, just peel, slice and eat.

From the Kitchen said...

I like to slice and eat like apples. Love seeing NYC vegetable stands!


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Just the colors of winter/root veggies get me excited about cooking again.

Deanna said...

Never eaten kohlrabi, maybe you have enticed me to try. Your photos make everything look so delicious. Enjoy the Fall while it lasts, unfortunately we all know what's coming.

peggy said...

I grew it one year and loved the plant, but I cooked it and think it would have been better just raw, a little like a turnip. My daughter brought home some wonderful little sandwiches today from a bakery, they had brussel sprouts and ham and ?? but were so good.

Ida said...

Nice looking store and produce department. Sounds like you are having a lovely autumn so far.

Susie said...

Buttercup, I had never heard of kohlrabi till my husband talked about it. I do not like them as they are so much like a turnip and I do not like them either. LOL. Ted eats them raw like veggies on a veggie tray. I could probably eat very small bit in a I have eaten other veggies that way. So many things out there, it's surprising all the new recipes there are. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Pam said...

Those are great veggie stands by you, Carol! We like kohlrabi also and my MIL introduced me to Kohlrabi and Yellow Wax Beans with Carrots, delicious! It is one of my favorite dishes and a perfect use for kohlrabi. Have a great rest of the week!

Kerin said...

Beautiful produce stands! I can see why you are enticed to buy more that you need ***smile**.
Just one of the wonderful things about this season... the harvest!!

Smiles :)

Melinda said...

I am glad that I am not the only one who
has not heard of this veggie.

Looks interesting though.

M : )

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I've heard of kohlrabi, but haven't ever eaten it. I love fresh veggies and I have a bad habit of buying too much, too. I don't like to throw food out, but I've had a few things go bad before I can use it up.
Thanks for your visit! Enjoy the rest of your week.

Annesphamily said...

I have not had kohlrabi but I love root veggies. We are always loving beets and I like them with a little vinegar and onion like my mom made them. But we drink them in juicing too. It's like a Halloween drink so red! Hee Hee! I am also a crazy lady for brussel sprouts. My oldest son Jeremy loves them too and we found a great recipe from the Pioneer Woman we use. I did find a recipe that says you can add it, preferably pureed in soup with some spices to really make the flavor shine! I may just try this! The recipe said you can add it to cream of potato, cream of mushroom and cream of broccoli soup. I sent you the site where I found these awesome recipe ideas. Have a wonderful week.