Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My First -- and Only -- Purchase of 2012

On Monday night I bought a bottle of dish detergent at the drugstore for eighty eight cents. In the interest of journalistic integrity I did not buy two bottles as pictured above and I have bought a number of food products. But the bottle of dish soap is the only item of "stuff" I have brought into my apartment. I don't have a big apartment, so I don't store a lot of supplies. But I do like to keep an extra bottle of dish detergent, a few rolls of paper towels and at least half a dozen rolls of toilet paper.

I've pondered this purchase. Is this stuff? Technically, it's closer to food than stuff, but this is not simply an exercise. I'm working to spend less, make my apartment neater and break the habit of shopping for recreation. So far, I'm finding No Spending January easy to do. I know it's only ten days, but the temptation to buy isn't there. I'm planning what I need for clothing replacement for winter clothes and the list is small. I need several new cotton turtlenecks to replace ones that are stained and worn, a flannel nightgown and a pair of weekend pants I can wear to exercise class. I'd like flannel sock monkey pajamas, but I may decide in February that this whim doesn't need to fulfilled. If I buy them, it will be a well thought out purchase.  

Has anyone else joined me in No Spending January? If so, I'd like to hear how the experience is going for you. Any tips or advice will be gladly accepted and appreciated.

Sweet dreams and a sweet day tomorrow!


Catherine Denton said...

I'm trying to hold back the spending this month and attempting to stay tight within my budget for groceries. What are your rules?

I'm trying to dress up more but I've just shopped my own closet.
Catherine Denton

Marie said...

I don't think buying necessities would be considered breaking your rules Buttercup!!

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration! I've been cutting back, too. I am sticking to using all that I currently have in the way of frozen foods, soaps etc. I have an empty shelf in the laundry closet that I keep extra paper towels, toilet paper and tissue on; I do like to have extras of those items.

Wishing you a nice day!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Other than some groceries, my big expenditure for January is going to be getting my car fixed. That is a necessity and not junk so that is ok. So far I haven't added anything to my stash. We'll see how the month progresses.

Anonymous said...

I should...but I haven't....but I need to if I'm planning to stay home with Rocky!

Loretta said...

Love your idea...I haven't purchased anything but necessities as of yet! Hugs

Terra said...

You are doing very well in your no spending January. I am in an ongoing declutter project here, a little at a time.

Kathleen said...

Hey Buttercup!
Happy 2012! I haven't spent a dime in 2012. Well I did go to lunch with a friend , but it was 2 for 14.99, that's pretty good. Do I get extra points for dropping off donations at the Thrift Shop on the way to lunch?