Thursday, May 19, 2011

Give Me Grape Giveaway!

Purple -- in all its permutations -- is just about my favorite color. I know I'm not alone in this. A colleague of mine at the Hartford Public Library, my first job with a W2, only wore purple. I'm not that big a fan, but I do love the color. During the trip to Rochester I was delighted to come upon fabulous purple shopping bags and knew I had to do a blog giveaway to share with my friends. The bag is from one of my favorite markets anywhere, Wegman's. Unfortunately none of the pictures of Wegman's came out very well, except for this one of the shopping bag.

The drawing will be random, but for fun, what is your favorite purple item? I love lilacs, grape jam, grape Nehi soda and grape popsicles, though I haven't had the last two items in easily thirty years. I'll announce the winner on Wednesday, May 25, so please leave your messages by May 24. There's an extra entry if you post this in your blog and let me know and this is an international giveaway. I will be happy to mail  anywhere in the world. I note a number of visitors from outside the United States, so please leave a comment and say hello!  


Barbara F. said...

Buttercup, not only do I love purple, I love Wegman's!! I love lilacs, wisteria, sterling silver roses (which are purple), violets, grape bubble gum was my favorite growing up, my bedroom is painted lavender ice and my bathroom accesories are lavender and white. Amethyst, although not my birthstone, is one of my favorite stones. xo,

Marydon said...

Carol, we just had WEgman's open this week in our area ... will be popping by to check it out. They are having all kinds of freebies.

Lilac(s) purple, you betcha! Pink is the very favorite color tho.

Have a beautiful weekend ~

Country Dreaming said...

I love the color purple but it is the one color I don't have much of in my wardrobe.
I do have a really pretty purple turtleneck sweater that I got at Old Navy for a song I like.

Happy Friday!!!


Anonymous said...

Hmm...purple thing...hmm...orchids I would have to say!

TheNote said...

Posted your give-away on JubileeStreet - hope you hear from many nations . .

I met a lady all dressed in purple - we were both attending an event and met each other in the loo - She looked happy and her outfit was fun. She said it started with a few pieces, then her kids noticed and started giving her other purple pieces - Now, when she shops, she feels she must match what she has at home - so, she became the "purple lady" kind of naturally.

I like to think about Lydia, the lady who "sold purple" - and all the "royal folk" who were willing to punish any "common" person cheeky enough to wear the majestic color.

Sending you LOVE (in every color)

Lynda said...

I want to say hi in your comment box but don't include me in this giveaway since I won the last one. I like the purple things you mentioned, too. How about purple popsicles?! Yum! And purple pansies and purple iris.

Mevely317 said...

Funny, but I was always ambivilant re: the color purple ... I associated it with OLD folks -- and, here I AM one. :)
'Enjoying the "Nehi" memory, for sure!
Have a wonderful day!!!

Barb Hodges said...

I thought you would enjoy this poem I had on my blog for poetry month in April. I love purple earrings.

There she is, the lady in purple,
her brown hair with purple highlights,
with purple hoop earrings, hanging from her ears,an intricately knotted purple scarf, draped around her neck, a striped, short sleeve blouse, tucked into a long flowing purple skirt,
alternating stripes of purple and white straps on her summer sandals, showing off her purple, polished toenails. There she is, the lady in purple, with a royal smile on her face.

irishoma said...

Lilacs and purple tulips are two of my favorite spring flowers. Violets and purple pansies are also lovely later in the year.
donna v.

Grammy Staffy said...

Lilacs and lavender .... grape jam... grape punch

I will mention this on my blog.
Hugs, Lura

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

MY daughter is getting married next spring and her bridesmaids will be wearing her favorite color in their dresses: Purple! She has always loved purple and so do I. I love lavendar, lillacs viloets, pansies,old fashioned violet candies and juicy grapes!

Bridget said...

My favorite purple item lately is the octopus character from Toy Story 3- My son is in love with that character and I've spent many hours creating one with playdoh.