Friday, July 11, 2014

Faroe Islands Foodie Friday

We're going far, far away for our Foodie Friday this week to the Faroe Islands. The Faroe Islands are a chain of islands west of Scotland and halfway between Iceland and Norway. It is an "autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark." One of the things I most enjoyed about this trip was traveling to places I'd never visited before and in the case of the Faroe Islands, knew very little. The islands are beautiful and people I traveled with said that the Islands looked very much like the coasts of Scotland and Ireland.

One of my favorite parts of the entire trip was a boat ride to the Vestmanna Bird Cliffs. We sailed thorough grottos and saw the nesting places of sea birds. The scenery was fabulous. 

I spent the rest of my visit in Torshavn, the major port city of the islands. I took a lot of pictures of houses with traditional grass roofs.  

I also visited a mall in Torshavn. I enjoy seeing markets around the world and the Faroe Islands didn't disappoint me. There was a great supermarket and I was taken with this refrigerator case with assorted fish products. A major industry in the islands is fishing. Usually my Foodie Fridays focus around ice cream or bakeries, but I thought this made an interesting foodie contribution. 

I hope you've enjoyed our Foodie Friday from the Faroes. How's that for alliteration! 

I'm pretty much back to my regular routine now, sleeping better and I'm all unpacked. I've been on the subway a few times and there's nothing like a subway ride at rush hour to remind me I'm not on vacation anymore.  I took a number of "pink" pictures and I'll be sharing them tomorrow for Pink Saturday fun from Iceland and Norway.

As always, thanks for visiting and take good care. Wishes for a great weekend and prayers for peace.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful scenery and the grass roof is lovely. I enjoyed seeing all the fish in the market. I visited Germany when I was in my 20's and remember how unique their markets were.
Glad you are able to rest better now. Have a nice weekend.

Sola Scriptura said...

When I saw your first picture, I thought it was Scotland! I love the grass-roof house, so cool!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hadn't heard much about the Faroe Islands before and was delighted to see your pictures. It must have been quite a sight to see for sure. Glad your are safely home and settled into your routine again. Hope you have a great weekend.

Mevely317 said...

You and my dad would've gotten along famously, Carol!
Most everywhere they traveled, he'd make a point to detour to a local grocery.

Ironic. Tho' my parents last visited Norway and Russia, he was greatly disappointed they didn't get to Iceland. That was "next time!"
I like to think he'd be pleased knowing I've a friend who did just that.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Markets are among my favorite places to visit when I travel. Loved this trip with you...Faroe Islands are on my want to visit list.

Susie said...

Buttercup , I like to see the stores in other places too. Although I have never been overseas. I have been to Canada and Mexico and many of the Caribbean Islands. Hope you are enjoying your wonderful city once again. Blessings , xoxo,Susie