Monday, January 13, 2020

To Spend Or Not to Spend: It's Not a Question

The plants I didn't buy at Trader Joe's (via Waterlogue)

It's January 13th and No-Spending January has become a new way of life, at least for January. I've become more thoughtful about all spending, whether it's groceries, cleaning supplies or stops for snacks. I've still gone out for lunch with a friend and bought my snacks when I've wanted to. I spend a lot less time looking at the seemingly hundreds of emails with sale announcements. I also don't pop into stores just to look around. The only exception to this has been bookstores, where I can easily browse without buying. I was tempted by cute finger puppets (which I absolutely didn't need) at a bookstore I visited in Vermont. I walked away from the finger puppets and I am counting the savings at $3.95.

Last week went really well. I allotted myself a budget of $10/day for lunch and coffee at both airports. I spent $9.30 at JFK on the way to Vermont and $10.25 in Burlington on the way back to New York. My airport savings was .$45. I bought gum for the trip at the drugstore in Vermont. There was a 2/1 special and I received a $2.00 coupon for future purchases. 

Snacks are my challenge this January. Three out of seven days last week were no-snack days. I found myself buying coffee the other afternoons. I realized that almost every time I needed somewhere to sit indoors between appointments/events. When the weather is better I often sit outside, but that's not viable in the winter. However, for the four days I bought coffee I only spent $10.29, out of a possible amount of $35.00. Snack savings for the win of $24.71.  

My savings total as of January 12: $60.00

This post was going to include a discussion of not buying plants at Trader Joe's this afternoon, but I bought nothing once I saw the line snaking around the store. I was willing to wait in line, but this looked like at least a half hour wait, and I'm being very optimistic. 

Against my better judgement I went to Trader Joe's later in the afternoon because my day -- and the day of just about half of New York City -- was turned upside down by  a gigantic water main break near Lincoln Center. My subway line wasn't running, buses were detoured and my Y, a block away, was closed for most of the day. I've still got the last remnants of my cold, so I decided not to go to water aerobics, but planned to go to Monday Yoga, and make a total return to my exercise schedule. My return to exercise will have to wait until tomorrow, and I have no excuse to skip it.   

Any reports on No-Spending January? 

Thanks for the many thoughtful comments on my Blogaversary. Blogging wouldn't be any fun and I surely wouldn't still be blogging without the great community of friends I've met in BlogLand. 

As ever, thanks for visiting and have a great week.     


Deb said...

Hello - I love this post and how you are counting up your savings by NOT buying what you want to. Most of what we WANT to buy we don't need anyway. I may do this in February because we are well into January, and it has NOT been a no spending month for me. Thanks again for posting. I will be back to check in again soon.

Chatty Crone said...

I am not as diligent as you are - but I am doing much better. If I can't afford it I am trying to do without it - or I am telling myself next month when I know I will have more. I have a certain amount to spend and I am trying to keep to it.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Good thing the line stopped you. I love the plants at Trader Joe's, and they are so reasonably priced. You are doing so well at this! Better than I would! It is hard to not get coffee when I am out.

Valerie said...

I like your attitude. With regard to spending, I spend money like I've got some to spend lol. Joking, of course, but my recent experience made me think that way.


i love that you are sticking to your no spending mantra. it's inspirational. i'm not that good though i aspire to be more diligent about finances because social security only goes so far. i love trader joe's. amazing you were able to maintain your budget there. good for you. i can't step in a bookstore without going overboard either. tonight i bought my mom a book for valentines day. she's been having trouble sleeping since my dad passed. so i thought this might help her. continued success on your no spending goals. take care.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

My no apending this month is all about buying food -- my freezer fridge and pantry cupboard are loaded and I intend to make meals out of what I have rather than to buy more food. It's time I used up what I have. Things don't last forever and I don't want to chance having things go bad. SAVING $60 is a great start for you . I only hope I can do the same.

NanaDiana said...

You are doing really well. I am proud of you and you are a great example for ME. xo Diana

Melinda said...

sounds lie you got a good plan going.
Hope your cold goes away soon!

M : )

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

As far as no-spending in January, I have managed to hold off grocery shopping for longer than a week by going through the freezer and pantry and getting more "creative" than usual. Of course, we typically run out of some dairy items faster, so that's a short run to the grocery store. And while I enjoy shopping for thrift store bargains, I have put that on hold unless I see something that can be used as a gift to someone else.

LC said...

Congratulations on sticking with your plan, keeping a record that surely must encourage you, and enjoying "thrifty snacking."