Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Would Kiki/Tas/Roo Be Happy?

Does this cute-as-can-be koala want to live in New York City?

One of the questions I was asked a number of times was "Can you/will you bring home a koala?"  Forgetting the fact that koalas are endangered and have a protected status in Australia -- which eliminates the possibility of bringing Kiki and friends to New York -- I asked a different question, "Would Kiki be happy living in a New York apartment?" Sadly, I don't think Kiki would be happy in my apartment.

Kiki and friends -- these pictures were taken at Featherdale Wildlife Park outside of Sydney -- live in large enclosures and spend most of the time sleeping in trees. I do have high ceilings, but keeping alive the trees that Kiki prefers would be more than a full-time job, especially for me who has trouble keeping the simplest house plant alive. Kiki's menu includes a variety of gum tree leaves, narrow- leaved peppermint and southern mahogany, all in short supply in local pet stores. Even after I converted my apartment to a koala habitat, I think Kiki might miss her koala friends. I've read enough Mr. Popper's Penguins/Paddington to entertain the thought of bringing a koala home, but have decided the practical -- could I also turn out to be allergic to koalas with more exposure to them? -- has to prevail.

One of the signs at Featherdale. I turned left for the koalas, of course!

I was at Featherdale in time for penguin feeding. One of our excursions from Melbourne was a visit to Phillip Island to see the little penguins. No pictures were permitted, so I was very pleased to get this photograph to share. 

An unexpected favorite of mine was the Tasmanian Devil. This hyperactive carnivorous marsupial would definitely not be happy in an apartment, and I don't think he would make a good house guest.
I would be remiss not to include a picture of kangaroos. This was my only kangaroo sighting outside of the wildlife parks we went to. I definitely don't think Roo would be happy in my apartment, even with frequent walks outside. Roos need a lot of room to jump. 

But I did bring home a new friend, Ophelia, who is actually about the size of a little penguin. Ophelia is a perfect addition to the crew. She needs no special diet, enjoys dressing up and is very friendly. She ably assisted Pep and Opus in choosing the winner of the Blogaversary giveaway, Susie at She Junks. Susie, I will be in touch with you to send you a surprise from the Outback. Congratulations!

I hope you've enjoyed our time with Kiki, Tas and my roo friends as much as I have. Happy early Valentine wishes! We'll be back with a bigger celebration tomorrow.

As ever, thanks for visiting and take good care! 



happy valentines day. Ophelia is very sweet indeed. the tasmanian devil doesn't strike me as friendly like the koalas or penquins do.

Mevely317 said...

Ophelia is adorable! Thanks for answering questions I'd in mind but hadn't gotten around to voicing.

Susie said...

Carol, I am excited I won. I had missed some of your posts so I am going thru them. That Taz. devil is scary. I thought at first it was a big rat. The little penguins are adorable. I saw in one post you held a Koala. I have seen them on the Today show and I think the hosts say the Koalas have an odor. You are brave to hold them. Blessing. I will be sending my info to you. xoxo, Susie

Annesphamily said...

Such cute friends and lucky lady Susie on the giveaway win!