Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I'd Love to Go to Chase's Daily Every Day

My visit to Maine was fabulous. Whether it was a wooded walk to a private beach -- first photograph below -- or blissfully watching the sunset from the sun porch -- second photograph below -- I had a wonderful visit. The only problem was blogging, or lack of blogging. I was for the most part off the grid and blogger was highly uncooperative. There's at least one more Maine post to come with additional pictures of the land and seascape.

Besides visiting, sitting on the porch and enjoying the view, eating was a prime activity. There were several lobster treats, but also a trip to the very fabulous Chase's Daily in Belfast, Maine. Family run and focused on vegetables, I had one of the best meals of the summer there. During the summer season there is always a line to be seated, but after Labor Day it wasn't as crowded when we arrived. However, by one o'clock every table was taken.    

Choosing my meal -- I was joined by two college friends -- wasn't easy. Everything looked good.
We all started with the soup of the day, tomato spinach. The spinach and the seasoning took this bowl of soup a long way from the classic red can. It was sophisticated and delicious and one of my goals for the fall is to try a variation at home. We followed the soup with tacos and ended our meal with a dessert buffet -- chocolate crinkle cookies, raspberry tart and an apple blackberry tart. If you have the good fortune to be in Belfast, Maine -- about two hours north of Portland -- I strongly suggest scheduling breakfast or dinner at Chase's Daily. 
There were beautifully displayed vegetables and flowers for sale in the back of the restaurant.
Maine is slipping back into memory now that I'm home. It's back to laundry, grocery shopping and doing my daily walking. I neglected the latter while I was in Maine and it's time to enjoy the almost autumn days outdoors. 
Sadness continues and my heart is in Mexico City and Puerto Rico tonight. Prayers for safety and recovery for both areas. 
As ever, thanks for visiting and take good care.  


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Maine is such a beautiful state and I have never met anyone who visited who did not enjoy themselves.

The soup looks delicious and I am going to look for the recipe on line. It is quickly getting to soup weather.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a wonderful trip you had. I can imagine the view from the porch as you saw it was wonderful. Good food, especially seafood, would be a delight for me. Getting back to normal is good too. The leaves are beginning to fall here and busy days are coming for me.

Chatty Crone said...

Wish I could go to Maine some day it is on my bucket list if you will. I am so worried for those people with the hurricanes again - you might get it up there.


What a lovely meal you had. Maine is picture perfect.

BJ PUP said...

I loved spending time in Maine. It's beautiful and the air is soooooo refreshing.