Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The First Lobster Roll Taste Test

Sometime in the spring I read an article on Facebook about the best lobster rolls -- lobster meat and butter served in a hotdog bun -- in Connecticut. The article nominated Abboott's in the Rough in Noank, Connecticut for this honor. I'm a lobster roll fan and my friend, Lonni, is as well. We agreed to visit Abbott's -- and possibly a number of other restaurants to do a lobster roll taste-test. 

We chose a Friday to avoid the weekend crowds -- which are legendary -- and unfortunately we didn't get a sunny day. We did get a day that made parking and a window seat easy to get.

Abbott's, and most of the restaurants on the top lobster-roll list are not fancy. But the seafood is fresh and I have no problem using paper napkins. Our party of four chose lobster rolls -- the reason for this outing -- lobster bisque and steamer clams. I am a fan of "steamers," and they were small and sweet. Steamers used to be ubiquitous, but now they are harder to find. I was delighted to see them on the menu. We finished up with a delicious strawberry shortcake, made with homemade biscuits.
The sun didn't shine on Noank, a beautifully preserved whaling town,
but the sun shined on our meal.
Was this the best lobster roll in Connecticut? It will take a lot more taste testing before I can present the Buttercup Lobster Roll Award. It was definitely a very good lobster roll and Abbott's is definitely worth a trip. Now on to more taste testing! 
I'm back to my regular schedule -- walking, Weight Watchers and decluttering. Lots of books to read (and write about), friends to visit with and summer fruit to eat. 
As ever, thanks for visiting and take good care. 



Anonymous said...

YUM! Lobster Rolls!

Our favorite lobster roll is way down here in Florida. If you ever get to the west coast of Florida there is a lobster roll place in John's Pass. Not much to look at, but the food is delicious!

We also have a good place here in Jacksonville --- Timoti's in Five Points! That's our HOMETOWN favorite.

Looking forward to your further testing results. LOL

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

There does seem to be more to do in the summer months! Happy reading! Sweet hugs! (and I am reading the comment above my with interest! Another FL blogger!)

From the Kitchen said...

A few year's back, I did a lobster roll taste testing. My winner out of five places was Panera! Yes, Panera!
At $16, it was the most expensive item on their menu.


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

This is definitely a very good study and well worth your time. I have never had a bad lobster roll, and probably the best I had was in Cape Cod. I appreciate you doing this oh so difficult taste testing, so carry on, Carol, carry on.


sounds like the perfect place to go for a scrumptious lobster roll sunny day or not. look forward to more taste testing.

Anne McDonough said...

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Kerin said...

Sounds like a tasty and fun outing!
I've never had a lobster roll, isn't that something!?!
I have had lobster bisque though, and loved, loved it! It became one of my favorite soups from the very first taste :)

Have a lovely rest of you week.


We are obviously landlocked, here in Utah, which accounts for the shortage of fresh seafood... **grin**.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've never had a lobster roll, but do love lobster, so I'm sure I'd enjoy having one. They seem to be very popular in New England. I haven't found them on any seafood menus around here. But I suppose I could make my own. Sorry it was a rainy day for your outing but with good friends and good food, sounds like you definitely made your own sunshine!

Sr. Ann Marie said...

I've never had a lobster roll and you're making me hungry! Since I'm in Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia), I imagine there's no chance at this point!!

Dee said...

Dear Carol, this is a great plan--to find lobster rolls that taste absolutely delicious and steamers too. I've never tasted either of those and so I'm not sure how they taste or what a treat they may be. But I say, "go with the flow" and just enjoy being with friends as you explore. It's exciting.

I'm trying to declutter also. So much "stuff." Why, oh why, do I let myself accumulate so many books? The library is having a book sale in August, so I hope to go through all my bookshelves and fill a paper bag or two with offerings!


Susie said...

Carol, There's many seafood that I have not tried and never will...but this lobster roll sounds good. I love crab cakes too.
You are so good to get back to your walking. Today is about the first day my feet have not hurt to go do laundry in the basement. So I am rejoicing. Blessings to you, have fun. xoxo, Susie