Wednesday, May 31, 2017

You Can Go Home Again

Our formal class portrait
I'm now back from Reunion and I've slipped back into "real life."  I've slept in my own bed for three nights -- not missing the dorm mattress at all -- grocery shopped and begun to catch up with a dozen other errands. But more often than not, I find my thoughts turning back to the Reunion weekend. I expected to have a good time and enjoy spending time with classmates, but the experience far exceeded my expectations. There was a connection and warmth that surpassed any previous reunions -- which I've enjoyed -- and presents a path into the future.  

One of the highlights of the weekend was the Alumnae Parade. Each class that is present marches with the class banner and signs through the campus. We wear white to honor the Suffragettes and an accessory in our class color. The colors alternate -- red, blue, green, yellow -- and my class wears blue. For our fortieth reunion we had bright blue shawls and for this reunion gardening aprons complemented our look.  In the to-do of getting organized in the morning I left mine in my room, so I'm not quite properly attired. 
We had dinners, lunches and brunches and this is one of my favorite pictures from the weekend. I'm with my friends Anne and Peggy and Anne's daughters at our Saturday night dinner.

The Class of 1952, back for their 65th Reunion

After my class marched we stood at the sidelines and cheered for the classes of 1962, 1952 and yes, 1942. The women of 1952 are in their late 80s and I was impressed by their energy and enthusiasm.
There were golf carts for those who weren't able to do the walk -- about three quarters of a mile -- but most of the group walked the march route. Reunions are done on two weekends, so we didn't get to see the members of the classes of 1957 and 1967, who returned to campus the weekend before for their fiftieth and sixtieth reunions. 

I feel incredibly grateful for the good health and well-being to be able to be part of this weekend. Our class genuinely likes spending time together and we are planning (at least) four smaller reunions across the country before our fiftieth. We've met in Wilmington, Delaware and Richmond, Virginia in the last few years, but we're now looking towards the West coast to be more geographically inclusive.

Today is the last day of May and the wrap-up for the Mile A Day in May Challenge. I'll be back in the next day with my numbers and information about the giveaway. I've been keeping track and for me, May has been a terrific month for walking. I hope you've had a similar experience. 

As ever, thanks for visiting and take good care. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Lynda said...

I love the pictures and you can hear the fun times you had just by the way you wrote it!
When you talked about the colors - - - that is what they did at Wesleyan for Women where my daughter went for 2.5 years. She finished here at Lee University although she could have graduated from there. There was family sickness at the time with my mom so on her own, our older daughter came back here to help out with other family responsibilities - - like being taxi driver for her sister who was in high school and too young for a license.

Terra Hangen said...

I saw you in the group photo and wondered why you had no apron, then I read why. The reunion looks enjoyable.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Reunions are often wonderful and bring us back to the good memories of yesterday. That you keep current with many of them and plan trips together must be so joyful.

I was doing so well on my walking but then got sick. However, when I average them, I did OK, but it is less than I expected. When I get better, I intend to continue the challenge.

Melinda said...

Looks like you had a great time.
So nice that you were able to attend.

Good to go but always good to come home.

M : )

Dee said...

Dear Carol, thank you for sharing these pictures of happy, fun-loving alumnae. How wonderful for you to be healthy enough to do the walk and to plan also for meetings before that big 50th that's coming up in 2022. Peace.

Mevely317 said...

Never having attended a reunion, I'm so tickled to learn this exceeded your expectations. Love the smiles and love the gardening aprons. That's a brilliant idea!


looks like a fun time was had by all. glad you enjoyed the reunion.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

It does sound like an awesome reunion! At least without your apron you are easy to pick out of the lineup.
Visit me @ Life & Faith in Caneyhead. 😉

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It looks like you had some great weather and great times too. Glad you enjoyed it all!

Wandering Wren said...

Your college reunion looks a lot of fun - love the aprons and reading the signs especially the still playing with the full deck of cards!
Wren x