Saturday, May 20, 2017

Forty-Five Point One and Counting

Last Sunday I had a great walk to The American Museum of Natural History. This was my sight while I enjoyed an al fresco lunch. 

It's time for my weekly update on the Mile A Day in May Challenge. I'm pleased to announce that I'm doing well on my goal of walking at least 21 miles a week. The first week in May I walked 22.7 miles and last week I walked 22.4 miles for a total (so far) of 45.1 miles. I'm on track for a similar amount for this week despite the weather and I'm optimistic that I will be happily surprised by my total tomorrow night. How is everyone else in Buttercupland doing?  

This is another view of the museum. I made it my destination to enjoy the farmer's market that takes place there every Sunday.
One of my favorite parts of the farmer's market are the plants. I was especially beguiled by the geraniums and captured them in this photograph. I used my new favorite app Snapseed and turned the photograph into a postcard. 

I'm off to a very long awaited event tonight -- will share in my post tomorrow -- and I am beyond excited. Does anyone else have long awaited plans? I know there are lots of graduations going on this weekend and send happy wishes to everyone celebrating.

As ever, thanks for visiting and have a wonderful weekend! 


Terra Hangen said...

Now I want to figure out how far I walk each day, I walk an hour with Bounce but not sure how far. That museum would beckon me to go in.

Karen said...

You are to be commended on your walking goals. I am walking a little farther each day here! The museum would be fascinating.


congrats on your walking and staying on track. the flowers are lovely with the backdrop of the museum.

Theresa said...

I MUST get back to walking! You inspire me! Have a blessed day, can't wait to hear about your big night! HUGS!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are truly up for the challenge. Congrats!

Maggid said...

Walking! We Are Walking! Works for me.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm walking too and just came back from a hike. On days I don't go to the park, I walk a mile around my neighborhood. The challenge has been a good incentive for me! Thanks! Hugs!

Paula Kaye said...

My long awaited plan involves a long drip to Georgia to see my grandson graduate from Army Basic Training the end of this month!!

Kerin said...

Yep. Still getting my walking in :)
We've had crazy cold weather, snow, rain, and crazy strong winds. It's put a dent in my weekly walking milage :)
Hopeful for a calmer and sunny week.

We are all wedding minded. Looking forward to the wedding in July.

Have a great new week.~

Dee said...

Dear Carol, thanks for the update and the photographs. The flowers are lovely. As to the walking, I'm doing about 2.3 miles a day. I hope that as June passes I'll get up to your 3 miles a day.

As to events: I went to the baby shower of one of my great-nieces. The baby is due in early August. Much excitement as the baby boy will be the first grandchild for one of my nieces. Peace.

Melinda said...

Still moving and grooving.

Love the pretty flowers.

I will have an update on our activities tomorrow.

Stop by.

M : )

Sr. Ann Marie said...

I was impressed by your earlier posts about walking and finally figured out that you must have some device that tells you how much walking you're doing. Checked my phone and sure enough there's an app! It records both steps and miles. I'm nowhere near your pace but proud that last week--in a very sedentary job--I walked 12 and a half miles. My aim now is to get outside and walk around our beautiful grounds at lunch time.