Friday, March 20, 2015

Very Random Five Friday

I'm all over the place today for Random 5 Friday.  I've got some weather thoughts, some for spring and some for the winter that seems to be hanging around. I've also got a few Metropolitan Museum pictures and a book idea. Very random today, but I hope you enjoy them.

1) Yes, it's officially spring, but really we're still in the midst of winter. I knew it was going to snow today and wore my boots, but my heart said spring and I forgot my hat. I was a soggy picture when I finally arrived home late this afternoon. It's stopped snowing now, but this was the view from the bus stop this afternoon just as the snow began falling. 

 2) I'm not going to talk gloom and snow all night. I walk by the Museum of American Folk Art on my gym days. This scene in the window said spring to me. I try to keep out of their wonderful gift shop due to budgetary and space concerns, but it's difficult. So many interesting things.

I love quilts, but the dog pillow really caught my attention.
3) I'm a fan of Anne Tyler's novels and I'm happily enjoying her newest book, "A Spool of Blue Thread." I haven't been as keen on the last few books, but this one is holding my attention and I read the first hundred pages today. I keep thinking I need to do other things -- blog, for example -- but I just want to finish one more chapter. 
4) I was back at the Metropolitan Museum yesterday for another lecture on Japanese Art, which was as sublime as the one last week. I passed through one of my favorite areas, The Temple of Dendur. This extraordinary building, which is over 2,000 years old, was given to the United States by the government of Egypt in 1965 and was installed at the Museum in 1978. The glass wall looks out onto Central Park. This area of the Museum is used for receptions and it looked as though they were taking apart sound equipment.  

5) I'm adding to my photographs of rippling water with this picture of the reflection in the pool at the Temple of Dendur.

Thanks so much visiting. Wishes for a great weekend to all!


The Cranky said...

How I envy you those museums! *sigh* You stay so busy, how did you ever find time to work?


Hope this is the last time winter rears it's ugly head for you. That window at the Museum of American Folk Art looks intriguing for sure. Quilts are always fascinating. But I love that dog pillow too.

Sola Scriptura said...

That dog pillow is just adorable! I adore quilts too, although I don't own one (yet).

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can relate to what you said about staying out of gift shops. There is absolutely no more room left in my house for any more decorative items. Besides the seasonal do dads I put out, there are boxes packed away full of things. Then there are pieces that stay out all the time. I often have to remind myself that I really do not need anything else.

Linda said...

Thank you for sharing your adventures. I so love reading and seeing the pictures! I'm do sorry you forgot your hat! I wore one the other day to the museum and they made me take it off, talk about hat hair! Blessings

Paula said...

Your weather has just been miserable. Hopefully spring will find you soon. The dog pillow is so darn cute!

Susie said...

I loved your street photo. I could look at those all day. Rainy and snowy pictures of store fronts and sidewalks fascinate me. Buttercup, you have it all right on your doorstep...So many wonderful things to see and do. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Melinda said...

Great pics!

Museums are so fun. Love them.

I have been wondering about that
novel, will hsve to check it out.


M : )

Nellie said...

This winter just won't stop, will it? I send you warming spring wishes! It really is time here, too.:-)

Mevely317 said...

I'm sorry ... I really am. But your snow photograph is so captivating! Already, it's ridiculously hot in here. I'm trying to hold off turning on the air conditioner this early (cross fingers!).

Good thing you didn't include a link to that Museum shop in Pix #2. I'm seriously in 'like' with that yellow quilt!

Marie Rayner said...

I have been playing catch up here this morning and enjoying all of your recent posts. If you ever come over to Chester I am sure you will enjoy the variety of Buskers we have in the city, especially at the weekend. A lot smaller than NYC to be sure, but nice. My family in Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick are sick to death of all the snow now. They have gotten far too much and the concern now is when it finally melts and the flooding that will cause. Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

Annesphamily said...

My one luxury is still books! I am awful, I just do not like the kindle stuff and I love the feel of a book in my hand. Now you have me wanting to read your new book here! Your share such interesting things here and I am always happy to visit. Thank you for sharing your kind heart with Donna too! Blessings, Anne