Monday, February 2, 2015

No Monkey Business Monkey Monday

Even though I had my favorite monkey choose a winner for the Grow Your Blog giveaway there was no monkey business. Pepe and Opus were diligent and we're pleased to say the winner of the giveaway is Anne Payne. Please stop by Anne's blog and say hello. I enjoy visiting and especially like finding out about new books and authors.
Pepe is in his winter attire and Opus, of course, is always dressed for cold weather. They are posing with the book for Anne.
Pepe isn't the only monkey in the Buttercupland today. We've got our old friend Curious George, who I ran into during my walk yesterday.
You're looking good, George!
I found this cute collection at my local drugstore. They can be used for cold packs or for heat. Tomorrow is senior discount day and I may swap my bags of frozen vegetables for the little monkey. 
These cuties made my day. Te amo, my blog buddies.
I'm not sure how the day flew by so quickly. We've got snow and freezing rain outside and I have not stepped more than five feet from my apartment door. It was a day for coffee, cooking and computer time. I roasted vegetables and made a spaghetti squash "pizza." The pizza making process went slowly because I took lots of pictures for Foodie Friday.
As ever, thanks for visiting. Take good care and keep cozy!
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