Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dale Chihuly at Fairchild Garden


I'm a fan of glass art, whether the pieces are snow globes bought in gift shops around the world or vases and sculpture by artists. One of my favorite glass artists is Dale Chihuly. I'm not sure when I discovered Dale Chihuly's glass sculptures, and I can't remember when I first saw one in person. But once I became aware of them I am delighted to discover them in my travels. I had the good fortune of seeing a show of Chihuly glass in Dublin last summer and the equal good fortune in being able to visit a large installation of his work in Florida last month. I am very grateful that my friend, Sue, saw that the display was taking place during my visit and made arrangements for us to see it. The settings were extraordinary and it was a fabulous experience.

There were over eighty pieces arranged in the gardens and these are a few of my favorites. We rode throughout the grounds on a tram and got to see all of the pieces. We enjoyed the tram ride so much that we rode twice, both in daylight and twilight. The changing colors at different times were a special treat.

Today was cold and slip-slidey, a word I've just coined. I did get out for some fresh air, but I was very content to spend most of the day doing home things. I even let myself skip the gym. Tomorrow is supposed to be relatively warm -- 40 degrees! -- and I'll catch up on the gym and errands then.

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As ever, thanks for visiting and keep cozy!
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