Sunday, September 14, 2014

Another Retirement Fantasy Bites the Dust

When I was growing up life seemed to be about the future. I was waiting for winter vacation or spring vacation or the big prize, summer vacation. I was waiting for high school, college, graduation and foolishly enough, looking grown up. My mother told me many times that it would all be here soon enough, but I still dreamed of high heels and little black dresses.

Too many times in the years between growing up and now I seemed to be looking back in time. I was remembering the fun days of high school, my college friends and then before I knew it, my parents and grandparents who were no longer in my daily life. The first six decades of my life flew by at an almost dizzying speed, my head flipping from the past to the future and back again and again.

One of my retirement fantasies was that I would live in the present and time would let me savor and enjoy life. I would cut down my commitments and not spend my life rushing from one meeting to another. I would strive to live now. The corollary to this would be that the seasons would not fly by. Summers would be long and sweet. I'd treasure every falling leaf in the fall and every crocus popping up in the spring, and somehow, perhaps magically I would have my fill of every seasonal joy.

Not not so. I do live much more in the present, but the seasons continue to fly by, perhaps even more than ever before. I've enjoyed this summer very much. The weather has been great. I've walked more in the early evenings and enjoyed being outside a lot. But the days have grown shorter and it's time to take my jacket out of the closet. I will embrace pumpkins and bright leaves, the family event in October long planned and my trip to Savannah, also planned months ago and now only six weeks away. I am living in the now, season by season, but time stands still for no one, not even this lucky retiree.

But today I got to savor one last perfect day of beach summer, visiting friends at Breezy Point. We ate hamburgers, watched football and walked and walked. It was warm, sunny and glorious. The ocean water was as warm as it will be this year and it was a treat to wade in the waves. There may be other days at Breezy this year, but this will be the sweet last of summer, and I am so grateful.

Sky, sand and ocean

The Bay view...Manhattan is in the distance and the World Trade Center is to the right of the sailboat. 

As ever, thanks for visiting. Wishes for many sweet moments savoring the last of summer days. 



The older we get the faster time seems to fly by. Love the beautiful beach photos. Serene and peaceful views.

Sola Scriptura said...

It sounds like the ideal summer day! Your pictures are beautiful.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

We can't stop time but we can savor the moments.

Nellie said...

What an amazing way to spend a Sunday! I send along wishes for a good Monday!

Ida said...

What a lovely outing. I would have enjoyed that view myself.

Kerin said...

Love this post.
Great reminder to enjoy the journey... not just focus on the destination.

Thank you ...

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It really is a blessing to be retired but it's hard to slow time down Every day rushes by faster than ever. But I do appreciate having choices on how I spend a lot of it. Sweet hugs!