Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dear Shoebootie, I Love You

Here I am waiting for the bus after my appointment today with my orthopedist. Cute socks, one sneaker and yes, one shoebootie. I was highly optimistic that I would be wearing two sneakers when I waited for the bus home and I had my sneaker in a plastic bag in my tote bag. My orthopedist is pleased with my progress, but I have at least two more weeks wearing my shoebootie.

I have decided to have a different attitude and love my shoebootie. I am going to look at it as an instrument of healing and not one of torture. No more sighing, no more complaints and no more longing for two shoes that match. I can't change my physical reality, but I can change my attitude. I do want my healing to be as complete as possible, and my orthopedist spoke these sobering words, "You'd hate to lose any of the progress you've made..." I would indeed, and I am thankful for my friend, shoebootie.

It was a glorious day in New York City today and I loved wearing a wool blazer in November. No heavy coat, no gloves, no scarf! It felt so sweet and summery that I treated myself to the perfect summer snack frozen yogurt. I did go with autumn flavors, pumpkin and Oktoberfest stout. I'm not sure what Oktoberfest stout actually tastes like, but it's yogurt counterpart was yummy. Not to race the season along I am eager for the Christmas flavors. I'm dreaming of gingerbread and eggnog frozen yogurt.

As always, dear blog buddies, thanks for visiting and take good care of yourselves. 
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