Friday, August 16, 2013

(Quite) Random 5 Friday

It's a beautiful Friday afternoon in New York and it's time to join Nancy and friends for Random 5 Friday. 

1) I had dinner with work buddies in Astoria, Queens last night. It is a very diverse and fun neighborhood and I enjoyed seeing the mix of magazines at the corner stand.

 I couldn't identify all of the languages I saw.

2. I also saw some television filming -- one of my favorite things to encounter -- when I walked to the restaurant from the subway. They were filming "The Blacklist" which will air in the fall. James Spader stars in it, and no, I didn't see James Spader.

3) I never realized how many times the phone rings during the day. There is an election in New York in September and I think I've gotten calls from everyone running at least several times. There is also someone who calls frequently telling me I've won a health alert system. Thanks, no thanks. 

4) It's almost time to get the dehydrator out and start making kale chips. I'm a fan of kale chips -- never thought I would say that -- and at an average price of $6.95 a small package I've decided to make them. I'm just waiting for it to get a little cooler. 

5) After my two flight delays this summer I said I would never fly again. That lasted at least two days and I'm researching some very fun destinations. No details yet, but I love the research. 

That's my random August life. Thankful for the sweet days of summer and thankful for all of you who stop by and visit. Have a great weekend!

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