Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pink (Melon) Saturday on Sunday

Even though it's Sunday it's time to join Pink Saturday for some weekend fun. I had such a good time in Astoria on Thursday, that I suggested to my friend, Mary, that we have dinner in Astoria on Friday night. It was a beautiful summer evening and we had a great time walking on 30th Avenue and window shopping. I especially enjoyed the open air markets and took some pictures to share.

I was looking for "pink" foods for this post and thought the watermelon would be just right. I was also taken with the red beans for a pink post.

I've never seen red beans before. Is anyone familiar with them?  

Though these dates aren't pink, I was quite taken with them and thought they would be fun to include in this post, too. 

 I didn't buy any of these fresh dates, but I may need to make a return visit to get them.  

Mary and I had dinner in a terrific Greek restaurant. The food was great and I especially liked that the sides were open and there was a breeze. There are so few days when it's just the right temperature to enjoy outdoor/almost outdoor dining and Friday night was one of those nights. We also saw a very interesting Indian restaurant and I'm planning a return visit to eat there soon. 

Yesterday was a terrific day. I attended services in the morning and celebrated the upcoming wedding of the son of a friend and attended a fiftieth birthday party in the evening. I will be posting about the party in more detail tomorrow. 

I hope you, too, have had a good weekend and here's to celebration!   
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