Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's Time to Be Home

When I was asked at BlogHer what I blogged about my answer was simple. New York City life, my life in New York City and all things city...museums, theater and books. Most of the time that's what I write about. I like to give visitors to Buttercupland a glimpse into life in New York City.

But for the last few weeks -- with one exception -- I've written about everything except New York. We've been to FantasyLand, Chicago and Wonderland. We've met Alice, the Doughboy and Pioneer Woman. All fun, all interesting, but very far afield from urban life. I've had a rough transition being home after two weeks of travel, but as I ran an errand yesterday at Columbus Circle, I had the thought that it was time to be home. For the next few weeks we will resume regular programming, as the television folks say, and visit museums, stroll New York City streets and maybe take a few field trips in the city

  One of my favorite places, Columbus Circle. Named, not surprisingly, for the large monument to Christopher Columbus. It sits in the middle of a large intersection.

Flowering plants surround the statue. Not so long ago the circle was just pavement and not a very welcoming place to visit. It's been renovated and it's lovely. 

We'll stop for a smoothy and sit outside and enjoy our snack. I loved the pictures on the side of the truck. 

This museum relocated here in 2008. It has one of the most interesting museum gift shops I've visited. Lots of original jewelry and ceramics, and not all terrifically expensive. I had a great time looking and could easily have spent a lot more time here. Definitely a return visit is in store.

Today was much quieter. I had lunch with work friends and caught up on email, mail, blogging and even did some decluttering. Tomorrow I'm back to exercise class and the library. Friday is another museum day. It's good to be home! 
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