Friday, July 5, 2013

Once Again, It's Random 5 Friday

Once again, it's Random 5 Friday, thanks to my friend, Nancy, who so graciously hosts this fun get-together.

1) I made a trip to Avenue M -- way out in Brooklyn -- yesterday on the Q line, and found this great mosaic at the subway station. I was so taken with it that I had to feature it today. The Q line goes further into Brooklyn to Sheepshead Bay and Coney Island. I didn't get all the way out yesterday, but I plan to stop in both places later this summer. 

2) I'm only liking Bloglovin. I've found that sometimes when I attempt to comment on a blog I've been reading the comment link doesn't open. When I go back and find the blog -- not via Bloglovin -- the comment link is fine. Has anyone else had this experience? 

3) It's hot, hot, hot in New York. I know it doesn't compare to the west coast, but I do a lot of walking and it's really hot walking around and sitting at bus stops. I've been drinking a lot of iced coffee and abstaining from mega-amounts of ice cream. So far this strategy is working. 

4) I spent this morning decluttering my bedroom dresser. I'm not sure anyone else would see progress, but I threw away a number of expired samples of cosmetics. I've got a way to go, but I'm pleased to keep at this project. 

5) I'm thinking a trip to Virginia this fall or next spring, particularly Charlottesville. I've never been there and it's been on my list to visit for ages. Anyone want to meet me there?

All random, all me! Hope you're keeping cool this Independence Day weekend. 

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