Sunday, October 21, 2012

Secret of the Wings

When I saw the first little girl wearing wings I thought she was dressed for Halloween. When I saw the second little girl I thought they were both coming from a dance recital. But when I saw the barricades and lots of children in wings I knew I had found something special. I had stumbled upon a premier showing of the new Disney film, "The Secret of the Wings."

The information on the website looks good, but the excitement in the viewers faces may be the best review.

While the rest of the city raced on their way the reviewers enjoyed their wings.

 To the right the truck is loading large signs for the movie. This wing wearer was wearing a badge that said staff. Though I think the magic of the wings could enchant lots of us. 

I'm off on a little adventure today. Pictures to follow tonight or tomorrow. Hope you day is one of adventure and enchantment!

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