Thursday, July 12, 2012

Do You Still...

Read a paper newspaper?

Source: via Micah on Pinterest

And if you do, is it delivered to your doorstep? 

I come from a family of newspaper readers. My parents subscribed to two Hartford newspapers, when there were two Hartford newspapers. We also read -- depending on what was being published -- two or three New York Newspapers and one Boston newspapers. That was our family's daily weekday reading. We slowed down a little on Sunday, but we still had at least three newspapers every Sunday. It seemed normal to me, but as time went by I realized we were not the norm. It's no wonder that my mother organized a Girl Scout paper drive that funded taking our entire troop to the World's Fair in 1964. We certainly had the newspapers. 

I subscribed to the Tennessean -- one of my favorite papers -- and the Banner when I lived in Nashville and have subscribed to the New York Times almost all of the years I have lived in New York. When I didn't subscribe I picked it up daily at the little news store near my apartment. 

In the last few years I realize I get a lot of my news on-line. I read the Daily News and the NY Post on my phone, and often read the headlines for CBS News on the phone, too. The only paper I still get delivered is the New York Times, and right now my debate is whether to continue doing so. I can subscribe electronically and save almost half the cost of home delivery. I really enjoy doing the crossword on paper, but I'm not sure if I can't adapt to doing it electronically.  I am leaning in the direction of electronic subscription, but this is a tough habit to break. I appreciate any thoughts that will guide me.

I can't believe I have worked four days this week and the weekend is just ahead. I am tired, but it's gone okay. I am going to have a very leisurely weekend and enjoy lemonade, relaxing and the Sunday New York Times. 

Keep Cool and Enjoy Your Lemonade!


Anonymous said...

When I was a child, we lived about 30 miles north of Atlanta. Every day, my dad would have the Atlanta Constitution delivered and read it at the breakfast table before the long commute into Atlanta.
I remember him sharing news stories with the family.
My grandfather always loved to work the puzzles and would occasionally ask for our help. You have triggered some sweet memories for me!
We no longer take the paper and get most of our news online and on tv. I know you are looking forward to the weekend. I hope that you are doing well.

Ms Sparrow said...

I have the Star Tribune delivered seven days a week. It is my morning ritual to read the paper with my coffee, preferably sitting on the patio with my cats. I recycle all the papers so I don't feel so guilty about the consumption of trees. I've been reading the paper since I was a kid and I'm addicted, I guess!

Nellie said...

Yes, we subscribe to our local newspaper, it is delivered to our paper box attached to the mailbox post, and we will continue this way until the paper ceases to operate, which would be a very sad day for us! I work the Jumble, crossword puzzle, and Celebrity Cipher every morning, and working it online would just be too difficult. When I was a child, there were two daily papers, a morning and an afternoon, and we had both each day. Of course, I'm also not an owner of a Kindle or any other electronic device for reading books. There are many people out there, especially in rural areas, who do not have funds or availability of the Internet. To discontinue printing on paper could create great disadvantage for them. Oh well, I'm probably showing my age with my response.:)

So glad your week has gone well for you. The week-end is right around the corner!

Mimi said...

FOR years I did get a newspaper.....delivered sometimes right to my door....other times on the drive way..I think it changed when KIDS could NO longer be a paper boy/girl..then it was given to adults to deliver by Car....I have heard a GREAT PAYING SIDE BIL did it for years......NOW with news online....I do not subscribe to ANYTHING...I read the news online....but I am A BIG call me almost all day and night NEWS Junkie.....
so that's my story...a funny newpaper story though...back when it was a young man...when I was pregnant with our first daughter...he clearly saw me pregnant for 9 months...coming to the door weekly to get paid...after baby arrived...she had SO MUCH DARK BLACK hair......he asked me if we adopted her!!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I read the news on line. We do still have door to door delivery here in our town, but I prefer not to have them stacking up around here. There have been times I wish I had the real thing and have gone out and bought one occasionally, but find it better to read on my computer. I know you must be glad it is Friday. Hope you have a great weekend

Theresa said...

We still get the paper newspaper:) It is delivered to the end of our LONG driveway! I admit that I also get a lot of my news on-line! My husband looks forward to the crossword puzzle the old fashioned way!

Enjoy your Friday and restful weekend, HUGS!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sweetie...
Oh how wonderful to hear from you. I love this little write up.

Yep Tony and I still get the paper, he likes holding it in his hands and reading it. (I read the news online.) He reads cover to cover and I get my coupons out of the deal, so we are both happy.

I can still my parents and grandparents reading their daily news paper. What a fond memory. Always with a cup of coffee and at the table.

Hope you are well sweet friend and staying as cool as possible. It has been horrid here in the desert. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

We are: Clamco said...

I get Sunday only delivery here in PA and mostly for the flyers and coupons. I remember during my childhood in NY, my parents got the NY Times and bagels on Sunday morning. I'd pull out the Arts & Leisure section and look for the celebrity caricature done by Hirshfeld. He always put his daughter's name Anna in every drawing for good luck and I would look for it. My mom always did the crossword. I miss NY bagels!

Melinda said...

Not so much anymore. I do enjoy the Sunday paper but don't read it much either.

Glad your week went good, have agreat and restful weekend.


MsGraysea said...

I love my daily paper....delivered to my door with nary a hitch. I do read the news on-line, as well, and find there are many things I would miss if I did not have my own copy to enjoy with my tea.
Happy your week went well and I will think of you as I'm enjoying my lemonade!

Mevely317 said...

Until this, I never stopped to consider how, little-by-little, the newspaper's vanished from my life.

How IMPORTANT it seemed, at one time, that my hubby and I subscribed to both the St. Pete Times and Tampa Trib -- so we wouldn't have to share the crossword puzzle!

My first "real" job was a h.s. contributor to the Albuquerque Journal -- I so longed to do that professionally when I grew up.

Love reading everyone's memories here!

Terra said...

We are newspaper lovers too, and have always subscribed to the local paper, and yes, it is delivered to our door every day.
My father was a newspaper sports editor so in a way, that newspaper's salary sent me to college (along with my scholarship) and my brother in law wrote for the Hartford Courant, and bought and ran a paper for some years. So newspapers are important to me.

Shoshanah said...

We don't have a newspaper delivered. But when my fiance and I have lunch together, he'll normally pick up a newspaper and a lot of times we'll eat & read it together.