Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Good Deed for the Earth

Thanks to our good friends at Dawn I'd like to share a way we can do a good deed for the earth.

Dawn has launched the second installment of its Junior Wildlife Champions Education program. With the help of zoologist and "Animal Exploration" host Jarod Miller, this program is designed to help parents and teachers educate elementary school children about the issues affecting wildlife. Dawn has joined with its partners, The Marine Mammal Center and International Bird Rescue, to design free downloadable lesson plans for parents and teachers to guide children as they discuss the importance of helping to save wildlife. If you download these activities before May 5, 2012, you can also enter for a chance to win a special wildlife school assembly with Jarod Miller and a few of his wildlife buddies! You can download the lesson plans and enter the contest on the Everyday Wildlife Champions facebook page.

We had a wonderful birthday celebration last night and I've spent today relaxing and decluttering. I've been ruthless with shoes and clothes and there are two big bags for recycling to charity. Please remind me that I need never buy one more pair of black suede shoes. I must have had at least six pairs, of which I only wear one of them. I hope that someone will be happy with purple satin shoes -- dyed for a wedding in 1994 -- that I've kept thinking I could wear them one more time.

Thanks, again, to Dawn and its partners and wishes for a sweet week! 


Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful program by Dawn.

So happy to hear the birthday celebration was fun and good for you with decluttering. I took 2 bags of donations to GoodWill yesterday.

Wishing you a nice week!

Denise D Hammond, CGFM-Retired said...

I envy your ability to keep decluttering. I know I still have clothes to get rid of, but at least I convinced myself not to go shopping today and make matters worse. I actually let my DSW coupon expire!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, Great program by Dawn... Thanks for sharing!

Glad the birthday celebration went well... I am getting rid of old clothes also which I no longer need... Someone else may just need them --much more than my closet does.

rkbsnana said...

Good job on decluttering. So hard to do.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Birthdays are wonderful and well worth celebrating for sure. I too have a pair of purple shoes that need to go. I bought them for my daughter wedding and that was 13 years ago. Still more decluttering needed here at my house. Hope your Monday is a wonderful one!

Kerrie said...

Oh, I love this! You know it is right up my alley! Ha!