Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Buttercup Goes to Fashion Week

Actually Fashion Week comes to Buttercup.

True confession...Although I live in one of the great fashion cities I will never be considered high fashion, or even fashion. I am happy in jeans and a polo shirt and the polo shirt does not need a polo label. My work clothes have grown steadily more casual as the climate grew more casual. When my office moved across the street from a security facility with razor wire, jackets were out and turtle necks were in for most days. It's just not a high fashion area. 

However, this is Fashion Week in New York and even my local chain of drugstores has been having specials to mark the events taking place. There are newspaper articles and lots of internet coverage of the designer fashion shows. None of which was especially interesting, until this afternoon. 

I was walking on Fifth Avenue and literally walked in to a photo shoot. 

  The hair stylist adjusts the beautiful young model's hair... get it just right... 

...and this group can then arrange the photo.

Okay, I'm not tall or thin or young and beautiful. But if I had my own hair stylist and a troupe of people to help me look pulled-together I could be high fashion, too.  On second thought, not high fashion, but at least "fashion." This brush with Fashion Week so inspired me that I walked over to Sephora bought my first new eye shadow in two years. Buttercup is going fashion!


West Side of Straight said...

Wow! how exciting. I'd probably do the same, get into the hype and pretty yourself up girl!!!! way to go! I've been watching some fashion stuff on tv - very interesting!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Even when I worked it was strictly casual clothing for me. Jeans, polos, shorts even were worn. I go from t shirts to turtle necks with the weather. Flip flops and crocks are my favorite type of shoes. Although I do have to wear boots in the winter outdoors. High fashion is a big thing for a lot of people but there are plenty like me too...Comfort is what matters most in my books. You do live in an exciting place. Hope your Thursday is a wonderful one.

TheNote said...

Oh How Fun!!! Thank you for sharing - AND - Buttercup - YOU are Always in Style - it's "High Fashion" of the Bloggisphere here - and - well, i look forward to every visit.
love & love,
one of your many fans

Anonymous said...

I disagree! You are beautiful! Inside and out!!!


WOW a real life fashion shoot. It doesn't get any better than this... to be an observer of such things. Ssh! I recently got inspired to wear makeup again. Went to the store, bought it and promptly have ignored it's presence in my purse. I hope your new eyeshadow gets better use than that. You're going to become a fashionista.

Country Dreaming said...

How fun for you. Quite the place you live in!!!!
Have fun with your eyeshadow.
I think the older one gets the more one goes for comfort. As the years have gone by I have become a little more casual in my dress and
my job give me that freedom too.
My work attire is "wash and wear"
it has to be to work with kids!

Have a great weekend.