Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BlogHer Coverage is Interrupted by Real LIfe

I haven't done a proper post -- or two -- on my experiences at BlogHer in San Diego. To sum it up in a few words, worthwhile and a whirlwind. I enjoyed the sessions very much and got to meet some very interesting and nice people. I definitely will be keeping in touch. A high point of my trip was the opportunity to meet wonderful Lura and her terrific husband, John.

But real life has intruded on the fun. Last Monday, before I went to San Diego I followed up a referral from my doctor with a sonogram. The sonogram showed a two inch mass on my ovary. I have a terrific doctor and her follow-up was immediate. On Wednesday I was in her office for a blood test. I did a quick google search on ovarian cysts and decided I would leave my laptop in New York and go off to San Diego and enjoy! I am a worrier by nature, but the fun of BlogHer and my time with Lura definitely helped ease my mind.

I spoke with my doctor this morning and the blood test was negative. There is still room for error in the results, but this makes me feel much better. I've got a cat scan scheduled for tomorrow morning and am also trying to set up a surgical consultation. No matter what the pictures look like the cyst has to come out.

Though we are all across many miles I am asking for your prayers. It's an easy request to make, because you are all among the kindest and most thoughtful people I know and I can feel your good wishes and prayers across the miles.

Tomorrow we will resume BlogHer coverage with a photo of the sweetest new friend I met at BlogHer. He's a sweetie and I know you will like him as much as I do!
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