Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ain't He Sweet

"Now I ask you very confidentially, ain't he sweet?"

I promised to introduce another of my new friends, and this guy is definitely one of the sweetest guys anywhere. I confess I got completely carried away with all of the characters in costume, but it was so much fun meeting them. Up until BlogHer I'd only met Mr. Met -- the Mets mascot -- who is very cute with a big fuzzy baseball head and McGuff, the Crime Dog. But BlogHer surpassed my wildest expectations and I will long enjoy the photos and the happy memories. Thanks, California Raisin friends, for this wonderful treat.  

Tomorrow I will be posting my first BlogHer giveaway. There is a character involved here, too. He's not as sweet at Mr. California Raisin, but he is good looking and the giveaway is a useful one, so please stop by. 

Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes. The cat scan went well and best of all it showed no further mass. Hurray! I'm definitely not out of the woods yet, but this is great news. I scheduled the consultation with the surgeon for August 24th. Please keep those prayers and hugs coming!

The Exhibition Hall at BlogHer'11. This was a quiet moment. 
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