Friday, September 3, 2010

Moonlight, Laughter and Coffee

Moonlight and Laughter Yarn

There are three things that I am not. The first is musical. I was one of the children sitting in the front of the class in elementary school during music class who was told to just "mouth" the words. Nonetheless, I love listening to music and appreciate the many friends through the decades who never said a word when I joined in all my tone-deaf glory in group singing. There are lots of you and I am grateful. I've had such a good time throughout the years. 

I am not technologically inclined. It's taken me quite awhile to get the rudiments of blogging and adding graphics and here, too, I am grateful for all the affectionate and generous advice I've received.

But most of all, I am truly inept with knitting and sewing. It is a gift from my dear Home Economics teacher, Miss Naylor, that she didn't fail me for the worst dress ever made in Junior High School, the olive green polished cotton model, that I painfully worked on for five long months in 1963. I have never learned to knit or even cast on, for that matter, despite the best instruction in the world from my mother, an extraordinary knitter. The needles never went any way they were supposed to go. But I've picked out a lot of lovely yarn over the years for the suits and sweaters my mother made for me. During our visit to the Farmer's Market I saw some of the most beautiful yarn I've ever seen. It was being spun by a lovely woman and I knew I had to share the gorgeous colors. 

If I could knit I know I would have come away with at least half dozen of these wonderful mitten kits. 
The source of this beauty is Moonlight and Laughter.

One thing I do very well is drink coffee and we had delicious coffee to drink with names as great as Moonlight and Laughter. I took a picture of the coffee stand, but it wasn't blog-worthy -- though the coffee is. I am going to share a link to the coffee's blog St. Lawrence Valley Roasters . We especially liked the Chocolate Fudge. With just a little cream and a little Splenda it was a great treat. 

So looking forward to the weekend. Not a lot of plans and that feels just fine. It turned out to be a long week.  We had a two-hour meeting this afternoon to review plans for two big projects for the next year. I've been doing the research for the presentation for the last month and happily, the meeting went well. So glad there are three days ahead to relax and not think about work. Hurricane Earl seems to have passed over us completely which makes me very happy, too. I'm going to go off to one of my favorite guilty pleasures, "Say Yes to the Dress" and then a good night's sleep. 

Wishing you lots of pleasures, rest and moonlight and laughter!  


Unknown said...

G'eve Carol ~ What a lovely batch of colorful yarns. I am with you, no knitting, sewing na-da for me. The olive green (must have been the color of the times) dress I made in home ec was definitely a challenge.

Have a lovely PS & holiday weekend.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Jane said...

Those are wonderful yarns and I admire anyone who can knit. My mother sews and knits beautfully, but it is a skill that I never seemed to develop. Enjoy your relaxing weekend!


Melinda said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty!

Have a wonderful weekend!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That yarn looks so nice and there you are inept. Too bad but glad you got good coffee. Sounds absolutely yummy!

Mevely317 said...

OMG!!! Are you sure we're not sistas, separated at birth? - LOL.
All these years, I thought MY Home-ec "granny-gown" was the ugliest! A girlfriend had to finish it ....and decades later has never let me forget it!
Knitting? My mama was sooo accomplished and tried soooo many times to share her passion. I was (and still am) totally INEPT!
Thanks for making me smile this morning :)

Shell said...

Nothing,,,I repeat nothing is better than a good cup of coffee!

I can sew, used to make everything I wore basically, but the most I've ever knit were some of those really big chunky scarves,,,,,,with like
3 kinds of yarn. You might want to try one of those,,they are really forgiving! Can't even tell if you've missed a stitch or two....

Have a great weekend, I on the other hand am off TO work! Love my little job though!

Hugs and Love,

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Ya sure know how to spin a colorful "yarn"! Heeehehehe! I'm not a coffee drinker, I wake up spastic and am pretty much bouncin' off the walls on life.

I just wanted to pop over and thank you for your sweet comment. Please drop in often, the door of the Ponderosa is always open.

God bless and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!!

Jemi Fraser said...

This brings back memories of my own scary "jumper" I had to make back in grade 8. I hated dresses to begin with, also hated sewing, wanted to take drafting/woodworking instead (no girls allowed), and it was out of blue faux denim. Truly hideous!!!

Enjoy the weekend :)

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Knitting and sewing make me swear like a sailor, so I've decided to save face, and not do either.
I just gave up on knitting. Evidently, snipping and gluing is all I'm capable of.....

Lisa said...

You know, I drink coffee well too :) I don't knit and I don't sow. My 4 year old daughter told me the other day I shouldn't sing...I was not too sure how to respond to that one. :) and you what else? I LOVE FUDGE :) and cream yum, yum...We should be life long friends :) So, I think I will become your 87 follower :)