Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Farmer's Market

Our one adventure was a visit to the Farmer's Market. It was a perfect summer day and it seemed the world was in a good mood. Maybe it was just that my mood was so good that things that might have bothered me today -- a less perfect summer day at work -- just didn't upset me at all. Or maybe we just had a perfect summer day.

There were flowers...

Dancing children...

The bounty of the earth...

Some of the most beautiful yarn I've ever seen. 

It was eighty degrees, there was sunlight and I was in the company of one of my dearest friends. A day to enjoy, to treasure and to share!

Wishing you days to enjoy, to treasure and to share!

P.S. I became so taken with the yarn and the lovely women spinning it (!) that it will be the subject of another post later this week. 


Chatty Crone said...

You know I love our Farmer's Market, when I think of New York I didn't think they would even have one. (Sorry)

That looked like a nice Farmer's Market - lots of fresh food.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It does sound like a perfect summer day! 80 degrees is much nicer than the 90's we are having this week. The yarn is lovely...are you going to be making something now? It would be tempting for sure.

Jess said...

You forgot the Chocolate Fudge coffee and the Butter Toffee coffee. I'm in coffee withdrawal since you left. So glad you had a nice day.

Amrita said...

Ejoyed these lovely photos

Sheilagh said...

Lovely photo's I love the sunflowers.

Tell me about the Chocolat fudge coffee and the Butter Toffee coffee!!



Sharon said...

Farmer's Markets always make me happy. When we travel, I always look for a local market. In addition to the fare offered at the market, you can learn so much about the flavor of the community by sitting with a cup of coffee and watching. I'd love to know about the Chocolate Fudge and Butter Toffee also!!

Shelly said...

I love the Farmers Markets! I try and hit our local one every thursday. Almost done for the year though. :(

Thanks for your kind post on my tooth problems....yeah, I've had more than my share too over the years,,geesh, is it TOO late to sue our parents for our genetic dispositions?? LOL

Have a great week my dear!
Hugs and love,

Country Dreaming said...

Looks like fun and sounds like fun!
Love the yarn and can't wait to hear about it.


LDH said...

Yes, this does sound like a very enjoyable day! Looking forward to the yarn post :)

Mimi said...

yes, growing old with the ones of our youth make it even more enjoyable!!Did you grow up in New York???Oh you lucky gal!!
I am so happy I have reconnected with my high school friends, it is like we have not been apart the past 34 years!!We are all treasuring every event we can!!
My hubby is my next BEST pal to grow old with!!
How I would do it with out him, I do not know.
I understand as I get older My MOM losing my Dad when she was just 47, and he 51 and after 30 years of marriage, she has never been the same.Like a Piece of her died with him even after all these years.
SO with that, I will hang on to him forever!!!
have a Great week-end, it is going to be a 3 day one for you!!
Enjoy it!!
Don't let Hurricane earl ruin your plans!!

Sybil said...

I do love the market days. We have one on a Saturday in Chippenham and a Tiesday in Corsham so we are lucky...but NEITHER of them have such a gorgeous wool stall. I would be bankrupt if there was !!! Enjoy your weather we are cooling down now although yesterday an dthe rest of the week we are promised high 60's and even maybe if we are lucky into the 70's !! at night though getting real chilly...Autumn in the air for sure.
Love Sybil xx

Haddock said...

What a lovely way to sell things.
Like those collection of yarn.

Admiral Hestorb said...

You as well, my friend. Have a lovely day.

Nancy M. said...

How cool y'all have farmer's markets up in the big city! Love all that colorful yarn!