Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's July 1 and We Have a Winner!

Funky Monkey will be coming to Phoenix! The winner of the Funky Monkey giveaway is Sherry at Country Wings in Phoenix. I can't promise that the delivery person will be as cute as the fellow in the photo, but I do think you will like Funky Monkey snacks very much. Congratulations, dear Sherry, and thank you, friends at Funky Monkey for your generous prize donation.

It's been a busy, busy week with lots of meetings, a medical appointment at 7:45 a.m. -- great for fasting blood work --  and getting ready for a luncheon tomorrow at work for one of our group who is leaving. So looking forward to the long weekend. I will be in New York and relaxing and getting ready for a hectic and happy birthday week coming up.  My upcoming sixtieth will be the subject of at least one post, but looking to next week I am excited and delighted with seeing this milestone. I know I had hesitations, but they seem to be swept away on a tide of fun plans -- I am so blessed with my family and friends -- and simple gratitude for turning sixty. I'm not sixteen any more, but I feel Sweet Sixty, and it is sweet.

Wishes to all for a very sweet Thursday!


Andrea said...

Congratulations Sherry!!

Buttercup: Thank you for your prayers, visits to arise 2 write, encouragement, sweet comments, and support. You are awesome and I am blessed to have met you. Thank GOD Marydon got us all together.


Mimi said...

OH I know Sherry will just squeal with delight!!!That should make her day!!!!
OH my YOUR Birthday is here!!!!
you are indeed sweet 60!!!!Enjoy the turning of another page!!!!
it will be great, enjoy the week

Sheilagh said...

Happy Birthday my dear friend. Yes 60 is So Good, I am very happy with that number. We must have a 60 celebration in New York in November:)
Enjoy your celebrations.

Love and hugs


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Buttercup Sweetie...
Oh my gosh. What a lovely surprise. I am going to be getting a Funky Monkey in a box? I am over the top delighted. Thank you so much. How fun this is going to be. I feel a post coming on when this box arrives. Yeah!

A birthday is coming. What day please? I would love to post a little birthday post for you. Come on now. Give it up. I'll be waiting.

I love you sweetie. I bet New York is preparing for a wonderful 4th of July. Do you see signs of celebration yet? Share some pics to the gal on lockdown. I would love to see what everyone else gets to see.

Have a beautiful day sweetie. You have so made mine. Thank you again. You have started my day off great. I love you. Many hugs to you sweet Buttercup. Love, Sherry

Jemi Fraser said...

Congrats to Sherry.

Happy upcoming birthday! :)

Sybil said...

Congradulations to Sherry...jjust sorry I coudn't promote them over here !!!
I think all birthdays are special and a 60 is even more so. what a wonderful future you have to look forward to, in just a few years you will be, for almost the first time in your life, Free free free to do whatever you fancy..each day till then, is one you can start planning what you will be able to do in all these free days !! Visit to Uk a must x
Love Sybil x

Chatty Crone said...

Congrats to Sherry - she will like it - and happy almost birthday. sandie

Marydon said...

Well, fiddle dee dee! I thought for sure it was me ... oooppps! Nope I just rhyme with Sherry ... that lucky girl! ... Chuckle!

Hope you have a NYC ball on the 4th ... it should be alive!

Hugs, Marydon

ocmist said...

Happy Birthday! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and week! I'm sure you'll come back with lots of pictures to share!

Congrats to Sherry on the win, too!