Sunday, December 20, 2009

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Last Saturday...This was the scene as I walked from the eye doctor to study group. It was cold, but clear and sunny. 

Last night a few blocks from Lincoln Center.

Today there is lots of snow -- can't tell how many inches, but it looks a little less than a foot. It is sunny and cold and so pretty. I haven't ventured out after my outing yesterday, but I did enjoy walking around. I was "Young Victoria" and then had dinner at a Chinese Restaurant a few blocks north of where these pictures were taken. Except for the Ugg store, where there was a line to be admitted and the post office, where I had a forty five minute wait, neither the stores, nor the restaurants were crowded.

Last week went from awful -- work-wise -- to very awful. I'd come home at night with a headache, eat some dinner and go to sleep. By Friday I was able to get a little more optimism and today I'm feeling pretty good. Yes, circumstances are dire, but I will figure out how to keep going and not be miserable. Blessedly, it's a four day week, and I've mailed packages, will write some cards this afternoon and  catch up on blogs.

Hugs to all and wishes for a wonderful week!


Sugar said...

nice pics. ty for sharing.
you have a wonderful week too.

Sugar said...

ty for visiting & voting on a name... i am making & sending holiday tags for those that took the time to vote. if you'd like a Hanukkah one, just email & let me know, as i don't know your email addie to send it to. also name for tag & if you use animated or non animated.
see ya.

Anonymous said...

hope you have a better week and the headaches go away..been there and done we work for ourselves so not as much stress in some ways and more in the pics....

Lucy said...

For every door that closes another opens. You will go through the motions and it will be a brighter day. Merry Christmas yourself and thanks for going to the market with me. More later tonight!

Amrita said...

Your wintery Buttercup land is very beautiful, keep warm, love, Amrita

Mimi said...

I'm so sorry about your bad week, it is sad when things have to be miserable for us. I have had a very bad headache for a few days now, I think I'm trying to get a sinus infection, after I take some sudafed and tylenol it goes away, but my head is full of yucky stuff, maybe it is holding out til after Christmas!!!!!! That would be so nice!!!!!! I say all the snow on tv, how awesome!!!! It does look beautiful!!!!!!Makes it look so festive!!!!!
I wanted to wish you a very Happy Hannukah!!!! and a Blessed New Year!!!!!!
love and hugs,
thanks for all your nice comments throughout the year!!!!!!

Chatty Crone said...

Well first of all hope your headache gets better. Isn't it funny - Christmas time is stressful and probably Hanukkah too - because we all want it to come out just right!

Anyway thanks for taking the time out to take and post these beautiful pictures of New York.


kanishk said...

don't know your email addie to send it to. also name for tag & if you use animated or non animated.
see ya.
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