Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Buttercup Relies on the Kindness of Strangers

I don't write very much about work. For the most part I like my job, but there are days when it's really tough going and when I get to Buttercupland I am very happy to leave work at work. The concept has worked very well and my visits to Buttercupland are my times for relaxing and re-energizing.

One of my responsibilities at work is community outreach for our division. This includes an advisory group that meets every two months. I am always exhausted at the finish of meeting night. It's usually not over until 7:30 and it seems there are lots of little issues that pop up during the day before the meeting. Tonight was the meeting and it was no exception. It went well, but I was so tired at 8:00 when I left for home. It was a nice night and I decided to skip the subway and take the bus -- actually it's three buses -- to get home.

The first bus arrived pretty quickly and in seven minutes I was in Manhattan and at the stop for the next bus. No one else is waiting, but it's a beautiful night, I have a seat and a good book -- Anita Brookner's Visitors -- and I am content waiting for the bus. I am oblivious to the world when I hear a voice pointing out that the street is blocked. There are no buses. There is no traffic at all and the usually bustling East 57th Street looks like this...totally deserted. I realize without the kindness of this stranger I might have sat here for hours reading and not noticed that there was no traffic at all.

Even though I am always on the lookout for movie and television shoots I had missed this sign. So thankful for my angel who noticed me sitting and reading and took the time to think of me.

Thanks, all, for your sweet comments on blog sisters and Buttercupland. I've saved Amrita's description of my little country and it's now a part of my heading. Please come and visit often.


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Dearie where is yer heading? Is it my browser or is it AWOL?

Glad the meeting is over and that you are home, and that that person helped you out!

Chatty Crone said...

Still, all in all, how nice to have the time to sit and read for a minute, out in the air, in good old New York! Glad you got home.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Penniwig is a real whiz at helping bloggers with their headers if need be. Just ask her.
So...another movie being made in your area? Nuttin' here but cow manure and tractors!

k and c's mom said...

Love the heading. And I ALWAYS feel welcome!

debbie said...

I was just having some delicious calorie free icecream in Buttercupland. I love it here.
I believe it was an angel that pointed out to you the street was did you finally get home?
A BIG CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR TICKETS TO THE MARTHA SHOW! how awesome....I once received tickets to Phil Donahue and I took my mother and sister with me to see him when he was in OKC. It was a lot of fun...that was at least 29 years ago..between commercials they had a couple of staff people who held up signs...CLAP LOUDLY!
I can't wait to see your pictures.
Angel hugs

Neabear said...

I am glad you made it home okay. And made it through your long work day.