Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Update

No, this isn't Saturday Night Live, which does a "Weekend Update" each week. But I'm thinking that Monday is a good day to update on my on-going projects.

Counting Calories...I'm down another half a pound. I'm pleased. This is a number I haven't seen in a little over a year and I still feel motivated. I'm eating more fruit and veggies and less processed foods, including diet soda and drinking more water.

The Television Project...Still no word from either Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray. Don't they like me? I'm starting to take this personally. I know I would be an enthusiastic guest.
There seems to be a problem with my photo chip and I can't download pictures. One of my errands before going on vacation is to buy a new chip. I can't go away without being able to take and share pictures!
Not to rush the seasons...I try not to do that (except for spring!), but as I turned an aisle at the Dollar Store there was lots of red and green, in place of the summer decorations. I still am dreaming one last summer dream and then I will begin to think of pumpkins and red and gold leaves and all the joys of the autumn. Wishing you a great week, dear and gentle readers.


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Well, sure do hope the girls, Martha and Rach give ya' a jingle and say, "come on down!" What fun to go.
Saw a wall of Fall in Wal-mart today.
The mums are out front now as well.
It's a coming! We've been in the mid-70's the past three days, but tomorrow it'll be 87, then cooler again. The season is starting to change. I'm going to start praying, right now, that Winter is not going to be a's the worse in my book~
Keep up the good work on your lifestyle changes of healthier eating.
You'll be fighting cancer at the same time...getting more bang for your effort. Think green, and H20 instead of sodas is the way to go. Woowoo~~

Tammy said...

What a pretty summer scene in fall it!

Keep up the good work on your healthy always pays off in the end!☺

k and c's mom said...

Oh, how I wish you could send some of that cool autumn down to central Texas! Congrats on the healthy eating. Best decision we can all make.

roy/elisabeth dean said...

WOW! Another 1/2 pound! Way to go!!
I was in a store yesterday and saw cute fall decorations. I think after Molly's Sweet 16 party (Sept. 1) I will give in and bring in fall colors. Until then, the house will be all PINK!
Still praying for a call from Rachel or Martha...wish I could pull some strings for you~

Joyful Days said...

Keep up the good work!! Taking refined foods (especially that darned sugar and flour) was the best thing I ever did, although the cravings didn't disappear as magically as promised. As I type I realize I must be veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrry tired because you wrote "photo chip" and I saw "potato chip"!!!!!! No potato chips--just say "no" to potato chips. Time for bed, methinks!



Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I swear you are sending those pounds to me.

It couldn't be that I'm gaining from just one measly box of honeybuns, can it?

I think we will have quite an Indian Summer this year. After a cold spell early. Just guessing.

Rue said...

Congratulations on the weight loss! I think I'm eating my way out of stress LOL

Enjoy these last days of summer ;)


Anonymous said...