Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our Town

Neither Bunny, nor I got spring today, but I had a wonderful day. I joined my friend, Anita, for the theater. Anita and I have been friends 40+ years and we share lots of memories, but today stands out. We saw a production of one of my all-time favorite plays, "Our Town." The production was way off Broadway in the West Village, and we were seated on the stage. It was a very interesting (and well acted!) production and by the third act tears were running down my cheeks.

I've seen "Our Town" several times and had the privilege of seeing past productions with Henry Fonda and Paul Newman. I spent a little time looking at the Playbills for both shows and saw that Ed Begley and Margaret Hamilton (yes, the Margaret Hamilton of "Wizard of Oz") were in the show with Henry Fonda.

I take the lesson of "Our Town" seriously, i.e., to treasure our days and those who share them with us. But at 19 when I first saw this show I couldn't begin to know how fleeting those days would be. This time I do know how fleeting our days are and this was especially poignant with age.

So I welcome March and the promise of spring with tears of joy and hope and a renewed desire to treasure my days those who share them with me.


Anonymous said...

Sadly I have never seen My Town! This is one I will need to make a point to see.

Kathleen said...

don't forget Eric Stoltz and that tall actor whose name I forget but who I think jumped off a ferry and was never heard from again. That was a lovely My Town, too, and we both had tears running down our faces that day. Love the blog.