Monday, March 2, 2009

Great Moments in (Buttercup's) History

The adorable couple dancing are my parents and the great moment in (my ) history that we are celebrating is my parent's anniversary. My parents were married on March 2, 1947. Just like today it was a major snowstorm in the Northeast. They joined the great wave of couples who married after WWII and I was born right in the middle of the Post War baby boom.

My parents both passed away many years ago -- much too young -- but they live on in many memories, the good deeds they did and in the hearts of those who loved them, especially this heart. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Buttercup is off to Washington, DC on business this afternoon -- trains permitting. I hope to return with some new photos and thoughts to share. Hugs and good wishes, bloggy friends.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE old black and white photos. This one included!

Good luck braving the elements!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Hope you have a good trip to Washington!

That is a sweet, sweet picture of your mom and dad.

BTW, what color of buttercup are you, the pink or the yellow? I'm making a "poppin" for ye!!!

Stacey said...

Hi there! It is good to be able to have some time to catch up on your blogs. Sorry that I have been away again, things have been crazy around here.

The photo of your parents is absolutely gorgeous and right down my alley being in black and white. What a beautiful tribute to your parents who are certainly smiling down on you and admiring the daughter that they raised so well. :)

Hugs and blessings,

Scribbit said...

What a lovely picture of them both!