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A Bulletin from the Buttercupland Department of Public Health: Update on The Eyes You Save May Be Your Own

While I waited for the insurance clearance I was a little bored and started to take some pictures

I’ve written about my macular issues before and after three years today is the day my macular pucker turned to macular degeneration with no symptoms. I went for my quarterly retina visit expecting a few tests and a cordial visit with my ophthalmologist. I aced the eye chart and was a champ with the pressure machine. But the scan had a different story. It didn’t take a medical degree to see there was something going on in my eye. The “something” was a leaking blood vessel.

It was time for the procedure I’ve dreaded for the last few years. The procedure is an injection into the eye and despite all the reassurance from my doctor and friends who’ve had it, I dreaded it and was sure they were all telling me fibs. After the numbing drops kicked in and we got the insurance clearance it was time for the procedure, which took no more than three minutes and was as innocuous as everyone had told me. It didn’t hurt at all. My eye was blurry and very sun sensitive, which is pretty much the norm after an eye appointment.

Tonight the blurriness is gone and I'm back to reading and watching television. I did read about everything that could happen (probably a mistake) and it looks avoided those things. Here’s hoping that the treatment works. I return to the doctor in a month and will report back. I’m sharing so much detail because I had no symptoms, which means the leak was found before I lost any vision. If you’re putting off an eye appointment because everything seems fine, please don’t put it off. The sight you save may be your own or belong to someone you love.

I promise the scenery pictures of Maine in the next few days. In the interim, keep cool, my friends. It's definitely hot out there and even "dry heat" at 102 degrees is hot.

As ever, thanks for visiting and take good care.


Nellie said...

Oh, dear! Yes, it’s vitally important to keep up with our eye appointments! I hope this procedure continues to have positive results for you! Hugs!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Regular check ups ares so important. Glad you problem was caught before doing damage. I'm so thankful that my eyes had no problems except for cataracts. They did a good check up and said everything else looked good. Our vision is so precious we don't want to mess around with it.

Chatty Crone said...

I have a couple friends who had this done. I am sure glad you went and did it - you were brave. I hope it helps!

Theresa said...

My friend's Mother has these injections. Such a relief to put that in your rear-view mirror. Can't wait to see pictures from your recent trip. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!