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J Is for Junior's

Cherry blossoms, Roosevelt Island this afternoon 
This post is about New York food. But before we visit another iconic Brooklyn food treasure, I thought we'd take a minute to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms on Roosevelt Island for Pink Saturday. I had a wonderful visit this morning and we'll be returning in May to this island in the middle of the East River. If anyone would like a sneak preview I'll be sharing photographs in my Instagram feed this week. 

We're returning to Brooklyn for another great New York food, cheesecake. Though Junior's is a lot more than cheesecake, it's known for its extraordinary New York cheesecake. Founded in 1950 in Brooklyn, its slogan is "You really haven't lived until you've had cheesecake at Junior's." I'm not sure this is the case, but you really haven't tasted the best of New York city food if you haven't tasted New York cheesecake. It's rich, dense and delicious and yes, I'm a cheesecake fan, especially cherry cheesecake. 

I don't see my favorite cherry cheesecake in this display, but I'd happily take a piece of Junior's strawberry or blueberry cheesecake. 

Tomorrow we'll be featuring another iconic New York food and I may just need to make it my luncheon choice. Any pizza fans in Buttercupland?

There's a busy week ahead: Weight Watchers, Yoga and I've a ticket for my first television show audience in over two years on Tuesday. I'm also excited to see a blog buddy who will be visiting New York at the end of the week. Lots to look forward to. What's on your schedule for next week?

As ever, thanks for visiting and wishes for a good week. 


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Yes, cheesecake please in any flavor, even with no topping there is nothing like New York style, which makes me want to go to Juniors on a future visit. Alas, my husband is not as keen to visit the city as myself so it would have to be a solo trip. Enjoy the week and the visit from a blog buddy which should be fun!

Ronel Janse van Vuuren said...

Now I want a slice of cheesecake!

Ronel visiting for the A-Z Challenge My Languishing TBR: J

Lynda said...

I am one of the few people in the world who does not care for cheesecake - - which is probably good since it is too easy for me to gain weight by just looking at food! The pizza - - that's a different story. I could eat my weight in good pizza. We don't have as many Good pizza places in TN as can be found in NY.

Jeanie said...

I'll pass on the cheesecake but the restaurant looks delightful!


This post made my day. I just removed my pumpkin cheesecake from Juniors from the freezer and thawed it out. had my first slice over the weekend. It was delicious. best cheesecake I ever had and worth every penny. YUM. Loved reading your post and seeing your photos.

Kerin said...

Beautiful springtime blossoms!
So very happy that spring is underway...finally!

Many years ago, our daughter splurged and ordered a cheesecake from Juniors online. Remember...we live in Utah.
Anyway... the big day arrived, and the frozen cheesecake arrived and we celebrated her birthday with that cheesecake straight from New York.
Sadly, it was disappointing...soggy graham cracker crust, and the cheesecake was very grainy, due to being frozen, I'm sure.
It was still a fun experience, but one that we decided not to repeat, and I think it cost around seventy dollars all in.
I think if we lived closer, we would certainly try all those amazing cheesecakes and they all look delish!


Theresa said...

Gorgeous blossoms and cheesecake, sounds perfect to me! Enjoy your day dear friend and your week ahead. I can't wait to see what show you are going to see. HUGS!

J Lenni Dorner said...

Yes, New York floppy foldable pizza is awesome.

But those cheesecakes look expensive. $26 for a 6"? That seems high to me. But, in fairness, I don't buy a lot of cheesecake, so I don't really know. And it's NYC, things are more expensive there.

J Lenni Dorner (he/him 👨🏽 or 🧑🏽 they/them) ~ Co-host of the #AtoZchallenge, OperationAwesome6 Debut Author Interviewer, Reference& Speculative Fiction Author