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Gelato Vs. Ice Cream (G and I)

G is for gelato and...

I is for ice cream

 And they're both starring in today's post. 

The conventional posting order would be G, followed by H and then I, but when I realized that both G and I were about frozen sweet desserts I made the bold move to postpone "H" and return with it tomorrow. It's wild, it's bold and it's indescribably yummy.

If coffee is my favorite beverage, then ice cream (of all types) is my favorite sweet. I like cookies and I rarely turn down a piece of pie, but I love ice cream most of  all. I switched to a low carb lifestyle seven years ago, so I usually opt for low/no sugar ice cream. But I also leave room in my life for decidedly high fat and high sugar ice cream. It's not often, but it does happen. 

In the last year we've had two new frozen sweet treat additions to the neighborhood. In the interest of honesty, I haven't yet tried either. Venchi opened this winter and almost every time I walked by it was really cold and Blue Marble opened in the last month. Venchi makes gelato in its shops daily and is part of an Italian company that has expanded throughout the world. Blue Marble was founded in Brooklyn and this location is one of three retail outlets. Two have just opened in my neighborhood. 

I've been thinking about the difference between gelato and ice cream and gelato has less sugar and fat. It's frozen at a higher temperature, so it needs less sugar to keep it soft. Ice "cream" has more cream than gelato, which has more whole milk than cream. Gelato is also denser than ice cream, which may have 50% or more air churned into it. All of that considered, I'm going to try both in the coming months and promise to return with my thoughts. 

The interior of Venchi at West 58th Street

I think of gelato as a treat when I am in Italy, but since my plans for an Italian holiday are well into the future, I will be making a stop at Venchi in the next while. I'm way overdue for gelato. I won't be neglecting Blue Marble either and look forward to choosing my flavor there. Right now I'm leaning to Brooklyn Black and White Cookie. What are your sweet treat favorites and what are your favorite flavors?

I'm back tomorrow with "H". It's literally around the corner from home and absolutely delicious. Please join us for coffee and a treat!

As ever, thanks for visiting and have a great week.  


Dino said...

Proper gelato is food of the gods

Deb said...

I enjoy both gelato and ice cream on occasion but I find myself increasing lactose intolerant so I don't indulge much. I did not know the specific differences between them, so that was interesting to know. I am enjoying catching up on your food themed A to Z posts! Have a good week!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I so love ice cream but haven't ever had gelato. I didn't know how different they were. I'M going to have to find some and try it out. The weather here is much warmer this week, so it will be to have a frozen treat.

Liam Sullivan said...

When my wife and I spent our honeymoon in Venice, we had gelato every single day. Soooooo yummy. There's on gelateria in Boston's North End that I need to find my way back to now that I'm thinking of gelato.

Momandideas said...

Smart idea to have G and I together, H can wait... After all it's ice creams and Gelatos we are talking about ����

See you around the A-Z challenge!
Hope you stop by my blog https://momandideas.com/

Kerin said...

Such lovely little shops, and wonderfully indulgent treats!
I am a lover of chocolate, but my favorite flavor of gelato is blood orange gelato.

Smiles :)

Lisa said...

I've never had gelato, and didn't know the difference. Thank you for the education!


YUM. YUM Yum. Sounds like just the tasty treats to bring a little joy. I love gelato. Ice cream is great and so is custard. Let us know what flavor you sampled when you go back to get one. The atmosphere of the places you showcased were lovely.

Lisa said...

We've been slicing and freezing very ripe bananas. We then take the equivalent of two bananas and a cup of frozen cherries and put them in our food processor and whir away. It takes a few minutes but we end up with scoopable "ice cream" which has only the carbs of the fruit. It is so yummy! Your two places sound like they will be fun to visit!

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Wonderful pictures, and interesting info about the difference between gelato and ice cream. Sounds like gelato may be a healthier option? I like both.